When To Use Organza Tablecloth Overlays

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Have you ever been to a party and saw the square see-through cloth on top of the tablecloth and wondered what is it doing there? Well, those are organza tablecloth overlays. Now the very important question with this that pops into your mind is definitely when should you use these overlays. Actually there are many different ways to put them into use and they do make the ambiance more esthetic and appealing to guests.

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You can create the perfect backdrop for your wedding reception by covering each table with a flawless tablecloth. Our polyester tablecloths have the benefit of being both stain and wrinkle resistant. The artistic look of such a beautiful organza table cover overlay makes the table as well its surrounding look much more beautiful and creates a dramatic effect when the lighting is just right.


Organza overlays are made of nylon and polyester acrylic fiber. The texture of the overlay is mostly grainy and the transparency is due to the gap between the threads. There is a technique to weave such clothes and especially the layer on such clothes is single. It makes the cloth transparent.

When To Use Organza Tablecloth Overlays So when we put it on top of tablecloth it brings out a gradient of the tablecloth color mixed with the organza color. The mix and match if done with some thought process can make a table look magical and inviting. The question that still might be haunting you is when to use organza tablecloth overlays.

If your looking for a particular size we can help you find just what you need at an affordable price. You can use 90 inch round tablecloths over your tables, layering the 90 round tablecloths with contrasting colors in 70 inch round or 70 inch square tablecloth, some people use alternating napkin colors for each guests. Similarly, runners or overlays can be layered in order to achieve a sense of color contrast.

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As soon as the items arrived I decided I want rainbow as the theme and choose the colors accordingly. Alternating different colors I placed the array of primary colored organza tablecloth all over. This made the tables look a lot more colorful and brought the spirit up by a lot. Then I tied few lime and pink organza tablecloths together and made a long lengthy structure of the same and hung it over the curtains. The gradient of these colors was so mesmerizing that I was in the awe of it for a long time. The wedding arrangements were appreciated by many and they really liked the concept.

I got a lot of email from friends asking for the same arrangement to be made for them and to the question of how I came up with the idea. I modestly had to give all thanks to the writer of the article When to Use Organza Tablecloth Overlays. I hope this triggers some ideas for you too.

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