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Tablecloths are used both as ordinary coverings and also as ornamental pieces used for special occasion like weddings. A tablecloth serves the double purpose of protecting the table from getting scratch or stain. TableclothsForLess is your source for stylish table linen, the perfect accent for all of your tabletop décor. We carry a colorful selection of coordinating items including beautiful organza, satin and polyester linens. Whatever your theme or occasion, we're sure to have a color of tablecloth fabric that will beautify your special event.

The most commonly used place for tablecloth is the dining table. In most homes these days the other furniture is generally left uncovered because of the attractive laminates that are used on the tops. However, some people still prefer to have every flat piece of furniture covered with a cloth. The tablecloth sizes used to be quite big in Victorian times. Tablecloths used in that period used to reach the floor level on all tables.

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The color of the tablecloth used to be standard white in European countries. However other cultures prefer to use Tablecloths in different colors, which are sometimes quite dark. Different periods of history have also seen a change in the color and material of the tablecloth. A dining table being the most common furniture covered with a table cloth gets special attention when guests are invited for weddings and they partake of food sitting round the table. Even though lifestyles are changing rapidly as far as tablecloth for dining table is concerned the preference is still for white in cotton or linen cloth of good quality.

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Tablecloths were generally used only in wealthy households. Less privileged people were content with using their tables with bare tops. The last few decades have seen a change in people's tastes and covering tables has become very common whatever social class or financial positions people may have. Dark colors with prints or checkered's are being used a lot more these days. However, almost all diners still prefer white colored linens for wedding dinners.

Different materials are used for tablecloths these days, though cotton and polyester are still the most preferred. Poly-cotton blend, organza, vinyl are some of the other items that have found use as a tablecloth. Vinyl covers come with different colors and variety of designs. They are mostly used where children's parties are held. They can be washed easily and used again without having to be ironed. Some people have a taste for decoration and they choose tablecloth or table skirts colors to match the color of the existing decorations. Personal tastes play a great part in selecting material, colors and designs.

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When there are lots of children in the home people use plastic as the material for their tablecloth. Playful children running about there is always a possibility of the tablecloth getting stained or even dirty. Wash ability, lasting, luster, and durability are factors that make people choose plastic as the tablecloth material. You get different materials for different uses.

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