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Whether covering up dull tables or bringing together a theme, colorful table linens will make your occasion brighter. The rectangle tablecloths at provide you with a wide spectrum of color choices when you're looking to order your tablecloths.

Floor Length Table Covers

Tablecloths are used not only on tables but also anywhere on which a piece of decoration like a flower vase has to be placed, or if a tabletop has some damage or blemishes.

Tablecloths in the general sense of the word are used to cover tables. They also serve several purposes, one is of course the decorative value, there is also the protective value, especially when dealing with expensive or antique tabletops.

Dining Table Setting

Wedding receptions with large numbers of people attending. In a dinner for a wedding one particular table may be of large size where the close relatives of the wedding couple may be seated, this is called the "Top Table", while other guests are seated in different tables. The guest tables are generally smaller and therefore the table cover sizes will have to be tailored to meet this requirement.

Dining Tables

Also, when looking around for linens online in the USA be sure the sizes described are in inches, as some retailers not based in the United States may have their sizes listed in meters and centimeters, if you need to convert sizes use our cm to inches calculator.

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