Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

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After choosing the place of your reception party, it is time to look around for all those little things that will brighten up the space and give that special flavor to the event. There is nothing that can enrich a place so much as a carefully laid decoration and setting. And planning your wedding reception decorations is one of the most important things you will have to do, especially if you are not using the services of a professional wedding planner.

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When it comes to your wedding reception decorations, you are in for a treat, because there is much more there than just choosing the flower arrangements and the color of the tablecloths. In fact, start of by thoroughly checking the place out. Notice the size and shape of the tables, see the chairs, check the carpet and the curtains, if there are any. Ask around for the type and colors of the dishes; check the glasses and the cutlery, the dance podium and the stage for the bend. Although all this may seem funny, it is very important since you wouldn't want for your champagne to be served in plastic cups on top of your table runners, would you?.


After you have been through all these little details, it is time to start planning the decorations. If you want to have a theme wedding, the decorations should make the set for it, so plan accordingly. Although there are millions of things you can do, you should concentrate on the two biggest things first: having the right flower arrangements and making exquisite and memorable table settings. After you have solved these two you can work on by adding chair coverings, bows and ribbons, balloons, garlands, colorful lights or whatever else comes to mind.

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Although it is mostly the flower arrangements and the table settings that create the overall background of the wedding, remember that it is usually the little things and unexpected details that make an event so special. Don't be afraid to use your imagination, and add some details here and there that will accentuate the setting even more. How about some flower petals on the tables, or a few verses for each guest, maybe even a gentle and loving message in each of the guests plates? Whatever you came up, do it. It is your special day and you are the one who should enjoy it the most.

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