Wedding Flowers on a Budget

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So, you're getting married, and you want to make sure you have a beautiful wedding, complete with lovely flowers. However, you're on a wedding budget. What can you do to make sure you end up with the perfect wedding and don't end up with a huge debt? Here are some ideas.

Step one is deciding exactly what your budget is, then sticking to it. You only have a given amount of money, and you might want to spend it on your honeymoon instead of buying expensive blossoms for your wedding day. Decide how much can be spent on flowers, then find ways to make that amount work. You'll be surprised at the number of options.

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For instance, if you'll be married at a church, find out if they decorate with flowers on a weekly basis. They may not mind it if you reuse the fresh flowers they've already ordered. Consider using potted plants for decorations in the church, rather than cut flowers. This will allow you to take them home and enjoy them later. Consider a less expensive alternative, like silk or dried flowers, as well. You'll be surprised at how much money you can save by using these more durable blossoms instead of fresh flowers.

If fresh flowers are a requirement for you, then start looking at your options but be flexible about what you might like. Some flowers are going to be less expensive than others simply because they're currently in season. Flowers that will have to be flown in from a distant location or which are out of season or rare will be the most costly. Choose inexpensive, in season flowers that will harmonize with your theme, and save your money for other things you might feel are more important.

Remember that the more complex the arrangement, the more it's going to cost. Ask your florist for relatively inexpensive arrangements and cut down on flowers where you don't need them. The bride needs a bouquet, of course, but the groomsmen can just as easily use crisp white handkerchiefs as they can fresh floral boutonnieres. Avoid trendy additions to your bouquets that will run up the price and avoid buying flowers that will be in high demand at this time of year. Less popular flowers will be just as beautiful, and cost you far less.

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Choose blossoms that have special meaning to you, rather than the most exotic option, and don't go crazy decorating with them. Consider adorning the reception tables each with a small vase with a single rose bud surrounded by baby's breath.

You'll be surprised at how much less you can spend on your wedding flowers if you simply take the time to plan and know your budget. Flowers can be relatively inexpensive or they can cost a lot. It's really up to you.

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