Your Wedding - 30 Days To Go

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After you've spent months or a year planning and scheduling every minute detail of your wedding, you will wake up one morning and realize that it's the last few weeks before the ceremony and there are things you haven't done. Don't be surprised if your mind goes blank and you just cannot remember what needs to be done. Stress!. But don't stress too much because not only are our table linens built to last, as every table linen round is constructed of a seamless, polyester fabric. These heavy duty tablecloths for weddings, anniversaries, and other occasions are reusable and long lasting.

Wedding Items

Here is a quick checklist to get you back on track and relieve some of your stress:

• This would be a good time to apply for your marriage license, if you haven't already done it. Different localities have different requirements so you and your fiance need to take a little advance care with this process. Normally, this is a task handled by the groom.

The license is usually issued by the County Clerk or the Clerk of the Court. There will be a fee. Check in advance for the fee and method of payment required. Some states require blood tests and others require tests for German Measles, venereal diseases, sickle-cell anemia, tuberculosis, etc.

• Your dress needs a final fitting now to be sure there's time to make any changes needed. While you are at it, make sure your bridesmaids and groomsmen have their attire ready to go.

• All your vendors need to be contacted to confirm arrival/delivery dates and times. This includes your caterer, florist, musicians, photographer, hotels, reception hall, minister or other officiate, transportation and hotel reservations and the bakery creating your wedding cake.

• Take a little time to check your wedding program for accuracy before you print it. Send a future change of address form to the post office. Make a list of those invited guests who have not responded to your request for an RSVP and ask your mother or sister to contact them. As soon as you know how many out-of-town guests you will have, create your welcome baskets for them.

• As soon as you receive gifts, write thank you notes. People consider it bad manners to have to wait weeks to get thanked for sending a gift.

Reception Room

Two Weeks To Go:

A couple of weeks before your ceremony, flesh out your seating plan and write your place cards. Confirm any last minute details and tell your caterer how many to expect. Complete your seating chart.

Pick up your dress and hang it where it won't wrinkle or get caught on something. Occasionally walk around your house wearing your wedding shoes to break them in and make them comfortable for your walk down the aisle.

Arrange for a house sitter while you are on your honeymoon, if necessary. You might need someone to water your plants or take care of your pets while you are gone.

Make sure someone has a list of your honeymoon itinerary and contact information in case of an emergency.

With your fiance, write toasts for the rehearsal dinner and reception. Attend your bachelor or bachelorette parties.

Beach Wedding

The Day Before:

Your out-of-town guests will be arriving. Relax with them and make them comfortable. Personally give them their welcome baskets or have them already in their rooms.

Take a break and have a manicure, pedicure and maybe a massage.

Confirm your transportation schedule.

Attend the rehearsal that afternoon or evening and hold the rehearsal dinner. Give your wedding party their gifts and make sure they know their individual responsibilities, like handing out corsages and boutonnieres, escorting guests down the aisle.

The Big Day:

Give your parents their wedding gifts, if you didn't do it at the rehearsal dinner.

Follow the schedule you have set up for the morning; hair dresser, make up, etc., and you'll make it just fine to the wedding with everything running fairly smoothly.