Using Square Tablecloths on Round Tables

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Tablecloths are very important when it comes to holding an event. This is the main reason that tablecloth are usually used during special occasions. Even during ordinary days, you can always use a tablecloth as an added furnishing. Having a collection of tablecloths is a great addition to producing an extraordinary event.

With the right combination of tablecloth and other elements of an event, there will be a higher chance that you will produce an unforgettable gathering for all. But sometimes, your existing tablecloths might not be the exact size for your tables. When this happens, all you need is to be resourceful.

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Square Tablecloths for Round Tables:

At first glance, you might think that square tablecloths will never fit any round table. Of course, there is no use in jumping into conclusion right away without even trying. As long as the tablecloth is not smaller than the round table, you can always do something about it. The following are some of the tips that you can use when it comes to using square tablecloths on round tables.

• Use stretchable linens – some tablecloths are made of fabrics that can conveniently be stretched until the linen can cover the whole table.

• Use two square tablecloths – when you only use one tablecloth, there will be a portion where the table cloth will hang longer and the other portion shorter. You can use two tablecloths to address the uneven edges.

• Tie the corners – the corners of the square tablecloth can be tied so that it will serve as a lock. The tied corners can also serve as a weight so that the tablecloth will not easily be moved.

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• Use an extra large tablecloth – extra large means more options. You can choose to arrange or fold the excess portion of the tablecloth in such a way that it is pleasant to the eyes.

• Use polyester fabric – polyester is a synthetic cloth that is ideal for tablecloths. It is wrinkle-free and stain resistant; therefore you do not have to worry about those annoying folds and uneven surfaces. Polyester fabrics are more expensive but it is highly durable and elegant.

• Plastic tablecloth – if your tablecloth is made up of plastic, then you can use easily cut its corners to fit the round table. This is very advantageous too because it is cheaper and durable. But of course, the drawback is that plastic tablecloth is less attractive.

• Add a gorgeous centerpiece – the centerpiece's purpose is to let the guests focus on it instead of your table cloth. To be effective with this strategy, you need to choose an eye-catching centerpiece so that they will not notice your tablecloth.

• Use fasteners or clips – when your tablecloth is big enough to cover the whole round table, you can use clips to keep the tablecloth from hanging. This way, it will be less obvious that your tablecloth is square instead of round.

These are just some of the tips that you can use. Just remember that creativity will be your ally in deciding how to fit a square tablecloth on a round table.

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