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Throw A Great Holiday Party Without Spending An Outrageous Amount Of Money

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Throwing a great office party requires tons of food and alcohol, an awesome band, a huge space, and lots of door prizes and gifts for employees. At least that is the perception many people have about throwing a party, but the truth is that throwing a great office party doesn't have to break the bank or be a source of stress. Here are a few great tips for throwing an awesome party that employees will love, yet save a significant amount of money in the process.

Tip 1: Make The Party a Pot Luck.

Asking people to bring a covered dish can save a significant amount of money on food. Agree to provide the beverages, tablecloths, and decorations, but have co-workers sign up to bring a specific dish to the party. This allows you to save money and ensure that enough food is available for everyone to fill up during the party.

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Tip 2: Get People Involved With Gifts.

Taking the time to purchase affordable gifts can show staff how much they are appreciated and respected for their efforts, but gifts can get expensive. An alternative solution is to have each person pull a co-worker's name from a hat and bring a gift for that person. You can cut back on the expense by purchasing cheaper door prizes for people when you have them purchase gifts for each other.

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Tip 3: Host Your Party Early.

Plan your office party for early December. This allows you to rent the necessary space at a cheaper rate and still throw a party before the full festive season kicks in. This also allows you to find additional discounts on items such as wholesale tablecloths, decorations, and other necessary party items. You also gain the advantage of setting a date that is easier for people to attend. The time between mid-December and New Years can be challenging for people due to other obligations.

Tip 4: Use Office Space and Time Efficiently.

Planning the party during office hours can provide a number of advantages. The first advantage is the ability to avoid renting space by using the office as it already is. In addition, holding the party during office hours allows you to improve morale even more. Everyone loves to get paid to have fun. Holding an office party during office hours helps win over the hearts of employees by not requiring them to give up their free time in order to attend the party. You can also hold a party for less money by ordering pizza and beverages and only spending money on tablecloths and cheap decorations instead of renting space and purchasing expensive foods.

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Tip 5: Give Company Time as a Gift.

It's not as good as stock options but the final tip for throwing an office party that is a hit while saving money is to let the staff go home early. Purchase the basics such as plastic throw away plates, and discount linen tablecloths and throw a party during office hours. Instead of providing people with gifts, let them leave early in order to go shopping or whatever it is they wish to do with their time. There is no easier way to win the hearts of employees than to pay them to party, then giving them the rest of the day to themselves.

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