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Our round tablecloths for weddings come in 30 stylish colors for weddings of all types. When you purchase table linens, you can use them again for any entertaining event or party after the wedding to cover the tables. Choose fitted tablecloths in colors that coordinate with your wedding color scheme. Pick from either fitted round tablecloths or rectangular cloths to match the tables at the reception. Let your wedding linens compliment the beauty of your wedding, by choosing from white, ivory or black to match your color scheme. We don't have a local brick and mortar store but express and overnight shipping is available.

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If you need quality affordable tablecloths for larger tables you can fast at and get fantastic saving's on all of our table cloths and linens, discover our wide selection of wedding colors, polyester and satin available in many styles and sizes to fit almost all table sizes in the USA. These heavy duty tablecloths for weddings, anniversaries, and other occasions are reusable and long lasting. Simply clean with care and these restaurant quality, wholesale tablecloths can be used for multiple uses.


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Tablecloths for sale for Plano wedding planning, Plano events catering, and Plano hospitality businesses, please visit the links below for discount table cloths pricing, preferred by hospitality and event catering companies Texas wide.

icon100% seamless, one piece design.
iconFolded and stiched hem edges, approx 0.63cm (one quarter inch).
iconStain & wrinkle resistant.
icon100% visa polyester.
iconThick, durable fabric. Ours=200-220g/m2, Theirs=160-180g/m2.
iconMachine washable and dryer safe.

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