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Browse our products and you'll find a full selection of colors to choose from, including bright wedding colors, sophisticated black tablecloths, and sleek white linen tablecloths. Get them delivered straight to your door in Fresno from our wholesale tablecloths warehouse. Transform your dull tables affordably, we offer all of our quality tablecloths at wholesale prices that any event planner or large catering hall can afford, but we do so in quality fabrics as well. We don't have a local brick and mortar store but express and overnight shipping is available.



Areas in Fresno:

4th Street Corridor, Alamitos Beach, Alamitos Heights, Belmont Heights, Belmont Shore, Bixby Knolls, Bluff Heights, Bluff Park, Broadway Corridor, California Heights, Cambodia Town, Carroll Park, Downtown Fresno, East Village, Eastside, El Dorado Park, El Dorado South, Hellman, Lakewood Village, Los Altos, Los Cerritos, Naples, North Fresno, Rose Park, Sunrise, Terminal Island, West Fresno, Wrigley Neighborhood and surrounding areas.

Tablecloths for sale at cheaper than renting prices. Our wholesale tablecloths and linen napkins fabric is 200-220g/m2 in weight, and will "hold a fold" sells only quality table linens at fantastic wholesale prices. Our table cloths are the workhorse of the hospitality, wedding planning, and events catering industry.

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icon100% seamless, one piece design.
iconFolded and stiched hem edges, approx 0.63cm (one quarter inch).
iconStain & wrinkle resistant.
icon100% visa polyester.
iconThick, durable fabric. Ours=200-220g/m2, Theirs=160-180g/m2.
iconMachine washable and dryer safe.

Fresno Cafe

A City With a Human Face

When people look at old pictures of American cities, they feel nostalgic about the past. At these times, the buildings and the architectural structures were distinguished not only for their functionality, but for the aesthetics and the attention to the detail.

During the years of renovation, many magnificent buildings were destroyed in Fresno, but lately the local authorities try to preserve the few remaining constructions reminiscent of a heavy historical legacy. If you walk around Fresno, you will bump to various architectural styles and structures, which are direct influences from similar Mediterranean and Spanish architectures and give variety to the context of the city. As it's always the case, the combination and co-existence of old and modern constructions, especially in the downtown area, give the city a colorful aura and a distinctive atmosphere and it seems like someone is trying to balance between yesterday and tomorrow.

The most famous area is the Tower district, which combines the above characteristics, and has lately been transformed into the center of entertainment for people of all ages. It seems as if all cultural events are concentrated here and, hence, visitors and residents will always find some new events taking place. There are plenty beautiful and friendly restaurants with a great variety of cuisines, awesome bookstores, nightclubs, petit coffee shops, theaters with extraordinary performances and amazing galleries. If you walk down the streets, you will find picturesque little shops, where you can search for foods from local productions. It is evident that Fresno has numerous parks and wonderful hotels, but the most important attraction is the Fresno Convention and Entertainment Center, which is basically a multi-space of cultural and athletic events. It's the perfect place to hold a convention, sports meetings or organize your wedding.

Arteamericas is also found in the downtown area of Fresno and during the last 25 years it is a significant center that promotes and holds manifestations of Latin culture. It is the best place for the lovers of good books, performances, dance, painting or any other form of art. The Fresno Art Museum also promotes and exhibits art, while it regularly organizes various events and manifestations, which are also attended by students of local high schools.

Libraries, theme parks, amazing shopping malls and educational institutions constitute the picture of a spectacular city while we must also keep in mind that Fresno County is top on the agricultural production in the country.

Perhaps, the daily contact with Mother Nature is one of the factors that help Fresno maintain traditional values in a very modern society.

Let's first open with the fact that a survey carried out in the USA found that in 2009, people attending restaurants with white tablecloths has increased by over 40% compared to last year. AND! To drive the point home, these same diners are spending more on their meals when dining out than they did a year ago. Thus it's pretty clear that in the restaurant industry, good quality tablecloths make a difference in the customers' eyes (new and existing) which helps take care of the restaurant business and ultimately the bottom line.

So, the question is… what makes a good restaurant tablecloth? Well let's start with what we want from a restaurant tablecloth. Ultimately we would like the tablecloth to be and look clean, crisp yet soft to the touch. However, it must not only feel and look good, it must also be highly practical which means that it protects the table surface from scratches and any other kind of damage, it absorbs all the sauces and drips that come from a juicy feast.

Tablecloth materials are vitally important as they affect the way the tablecloths hang over the table, the way they feel to the touch, the way the light bounces off the cloth surface etc. There are various materials such as polyester, cotton, pvc and paper, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages depending on what the occasion calls for. If you are a cafe or diner that serves breakfasts and fast foods then standard polyester restaurant tablecloths may be more appropriate.

From a upscale restaurant tablecloth point of view, Irish linen is a popular choice but it can break the budget of smaller restaurants and eateries. It does take much more effort and costs much more in terms of the tablecloths themselves and the laundry costs, but in terms of the returns money wise it really depends on the particular restaurant, many restaurant businesses do not warrant the high cost outlay for "fine Irish linens" when standard polyester restaurant tablecloths in white or other solid colors will do the job just as well.

In terms of colors, white is usually the way to go especially for a restaurant geared towards formal occasions. It is a safe bet and shows to the customer that you have a clean kitchen with nothing to hide. White is also the colour that exudes dining elegance, and class. If white is not a possibility and you "dare to be different", then you could always have a base tablecloth underneath with a different colour or even colored table runners. The size of the tablecloth will obviously depend on the dining table size.

In the end, not all restaurants need tablecloths, as excellent furniture is often a great style expression of the restaurant and cuisine served. However, if you are going to use tablecloths in a restaurant then consider the advice given, it's your restaurant!, and it's your success!.

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