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Areas in Albuquerque:

Airport Area, Balloon Fiesta Park, Barelas/South Valley Corrales, Downtown Albuquerque, Historic Old Town, Los Ranchos, Midtown/University Area, Nob Hill, North Valley, Uptown Albuquerque, Westside and surrounding areas.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico

The tourist agents insist that there are as many tourist destinations as travelers, and they are probably right, if you consider that people search for different things and are pleased by participating in different activities. Many people prioritize arts while others prefer athletic activities; some others would invest on business or financial opportunities and some on walks. The latter ones just like to enjoy a cup of coffee in the most picturesque café and empty their minds from their daily routines.

Regardless whether you are demanding or peculiar with your preferences, Albuquerque will fascinate you. The city has been repeatedly praised for its interest and cultivation on various types of arts, the potentials of exploring different athletic activities and the promotion of a healthy way of living as well as its dynamics on economic management and fast evolution manifested by the various high tech companies that extend throughout Rio Grande.

The Sandia Mountains that unfold in the eastern side of the city would give you the chance to go hiking, biking and climbing. In fact, bicycles are very popular in the area and, actually, people use them as the basic transportation means across the city boundaries since the local authorities made sure to construct a great infrastructure that allows the movement with bikes. Watch out of these bicycles! You can see them everywhere either within town or in the mountain. Of course, the public transportation is also very advanced and, therefore, you can rest assured that you won't have trouble moving around the city with ease.

Apart from the well-recognized American sceneries that can predispose you to have a great time, the excellent climate would make your days even better since most of the times the sun is simply shining. If you love outdoor activities, hiking, nature and the big parks, Albuquerque will amaze you. Now, if you want to keep your energy for dancing in a great nightclub, you can enjoy the mountain by taking the tramway. The vistas are just spectacular!

If you are a lover of excellent food, you will find the most superb cuisines in various great restaurants and you will enjoy a fantastic nightlife. But the cultural events and the festivals would amaze you even more! There is not a single form of art that is not represented in Albuquerque; in fact, you will find a great range of museums, innumerable galleries and theaters that are mostly hosted in extraordinary buildings of the 19th century. You can move back and forward from the downtown area to the Uptown district and end up in the amazing Old town.

Albuquerque loves the colors and the intense social life. After the sunset the buildings are lightened with different colors each and you can just admire the most picturesque view of the city, which is quite as beautiful as the Balloon Festival each autumn.

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Albuquerque, NM – The Illuminated City Of The US

The city of Albuquerque, New Mexico is the largest metropolis city in the US which has a grand population of 848,642. At the moment it is estimated to be the fastest growing city in the metropolis. The population growth has been used to the advantage of the city as it has managed to boast of the most exquisite parks of world class standards. The city has also been known for its illuminated buildings at night.

The rotunda building is illuminated yellow while another building is illuminated blue. This gives an awesome and classic appearance that appeal to the eye. Interestingly, some tourists easily find this awesome scenery a real marvel to look forward to. Despite being the largest city, it still continues marinating some of the most attractive sites for the tourists coming to the city.

Whichever holiday seasons you may decide to visit this city with your spouse, you will still find a lot of events and art worth looking forward to. This is because Albuquerque is home to about 300 visual arts in their variety. Not to mention the awesome performances in music, dance, and many more. This richness has mainly been a reflection of the multiracial community in the city.

It has been home to many cultures and ethic groupings with their performances also adding on to the attractiveness of the city. In other words, it is able to make use of its advantage to entertain the guests coming to the city either for the first time or they might have been there several times. The variety of groups can also be seen in the nature of sumptuous food served in the world-class restaurants around the city. Most visitors just enjoy trying out dishes that are of foreign origin before getting ready for other activities of the day.

If all this is not enough, you can also try to visit the ubiquitous biological park. This is where you can manage to enjoy the beautiful sceneries and activities around there. But the parks around the city are just one feature that can make any vacation worth or honey moon memorable enough. However, in addition to this you can take time to look at the bike paths, and hiking areas that are around the foot of the menzano hills.

Perhaps this is the reason why Albuquerque has been termed was the fittest city in March 2007. Therefore hiking and cycling activities are more of a common feature than some activity yet to be launched. Such sporting activities and events of this nature may be worth looking forward to as you approach this city.

While here you can also have no problem with accommodation as the attractive hotels will be there to take care of this part effectively. Most of these can even allow you to make your booking online without any trouble as they are connected to the World Wide Web. Finally, you can take your spouse around the classic spas and some of the most elegant and well organized restaurants. To get a feel of this city you can also take an interest in the local cuisines and see how you enjoy them. Naturally all this will make your stay around the city memorable indeed.

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