Table Runners in Black or White

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I adore getting my house in order and styled. I am a stickler for detailing and styling in everything I do, be it work, personal life, my clothes, my appearance or my house. A house is a reflection of who you are, and hence I make it point to personally hand pick every single thing in my house, however small or big they are, including my white tablecloths.

Table overlays are definitely cheaper than a full tablecloth, and aside from the protection, a table overlay that has style will surely be extra beautiful and extra colorful on the overall table presentation. Not to mention that, the smaller surface of the overlays makes them easier to clean. Lastly, in the hands of a skilled or imaginative designer, the table overlay becomes a key part of a whole idea, together with table centerpieces, napkins, chair covers and sashes, aisle runners etc) to create a totally coordinated look where everything fits together perfectly.

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So be it my linen in the bed room, the curtains in the living room, or the hand towels in the bathroom, or tablecloths in the kitchen every single item passes through me and my eye for style and detailing before finding a place in my house. My pride however is the dining room in the house. Having grown up in a conservative religious family, we have always believed in having a meal together as a family at least once a day. Supper or even lunch is always a family affair with all of us seated at the dining table, sharing stories, anecdotes, the stuff that my childhood memories are made of.

So when I embarked on a home of my own, I decided to continue this tradition and made my dining space and table the most prized corner of the house. Immaculate bone china for cutlery, finery that befitted the kings and queens of years gone by and nothing less than the best in terms of furniture in the dining area was a given. All of this was shattered however one day, when I was gifted a set of table runners in black or white.


It was my daughter's wedding and we were in the midst of redoing the house interiors for the occasion. I usually go for brown and beige as a theme for my dining area. all these years in this mansion and I have never deviated from this one color code in the house, despite having redone most of the other rooms several times and experimented with colors pretty extensively. I was taken aback when my sister suggested that instead of doing the traditional brown and beige, I give table runners in black or white a chance in the dining area.

Table runners in black or white are elegant as a combination. They work perfectly well with most dining tables and particularly mine which was made of an especially dark mahogany. Yet, my sister's suggestion took me by surprise. Table runners in black or white were the question that confounded me to an extent that I had to put off all decorations for two whole days.

Table runners in black or white are not a good choice for an occasion such as a wedding. Black is a good color for funerals, period. White offsets well with black, but then none of the themes for the wedding were in white. We had consciously avoided this color for a wedding to make the ceremony something unique, just like most of my home is. And when gifted with table runners in black or white eventually just a week before the wedding, I was in a quandary as to whether to refuse the gift or accept it and not use it at the wedding itself. Sometimes, keeping a house up to your tastes involves certain nasty decision making. This was one such occasion.

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