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Everyone should have basic dining etiquette. Practising so would make everyone at the dining table comfortable and allow for dining to be more pleasant. It doesn't have to be sophisticated manners, but a simple command of good dining table manners during dinner meetings or formal affairs. When one knows and practises proper table etiquette, one can dine with confidence in whatever restaurant or with whomever one is dining. Some basic guidelines include taking a seat. Most important of all, you need to remember that the host will lead and you will follow.

The host should be the first person to sit, not you. He or she is also the first to start eating and to get up from the table. Only take your cue to sit or dine first when the host says so. It is also proper for a gentleman to offer a seat to a lady before he sits down. Traditionally, a man should stand up when a woman would get up and leave the table but it is no longer practised.

Posture is also important in basic dining etiquette. You need to sit properly and not slouch. Remember you are not in the comforts of your own home, so do not rest your elbows on the table. When eating, bear in mind that you should not fill your mouth up. If its bread, tear off a little piece with your hands and pat a little butter if you like, but do not bite off a big slice and do not use a knife to cut your bread. Likewise, put your own butter on your bread plate and do not get from the main butter dish every time.

When eating soup, do not fill up your spoon to overflowing. Rather, scoop up three-fourths of the soup with a careful motion away from your body and sip silently. Do not bend over the food but bring the spoon to your mouth as you sit upright. It is good not to fill up your spoon so that your soup will not drip over your clothes or your dish.

Always remember not to serve yourself first, people will ask you to pass the dish, and it is proper to pass it on to the person to your right. Only if the person on your left asks it should you pass it in that direction. Do not ever reach across the table for something you need but ask a fellow diner to pass it onto you. When eating, always bear in mind that you should not bite more than you could chew. Always slice or cut off just a small bite using your knife and fork. Chew slowly and do not talk when you have food in your mouth.

Formal dining also has certain place settings for utensils and it is also good for you to memorize these or at least have a general knowledge of where the plates go, as do the cups and utensils. You have to know which ones are yours. Your drinks shall be placed to your plates upper right corner, with your main dish directly in front of you. Forks are to your plate's left and your knife is at the right together with the spoons. Always start with the utensil placed at the outermost and then move inwards as you progress with your meal.

It may sometimes be difficult, and some would say rather stiff but it is a great guide for formal dining events. It is best that you know how to handle your utensils, where they are placed, and how you should go about your meal for you to enjoy a good formal dining experience. After all, dining etiquette is not only for the elite or high class, it is also for ordinary people like you and me.

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Lemon, Lime, Orange, and Peach - Cool Summer Table Linens

Summer is just around the corner and it is best to be ready for it. Whether you are a business owner, home owner, or even an ordinary person, you can always use cool summer table linens to set the heat. Truly, summer is very enjoyable but with table linens, you can always make it extra special. There are numerous colors of table linens that you can choose from. Just think of lemon, lime, orange, and peach – cool summer table linens that you will surely love.

Choosing the Right Color.

Sometimes, too many choices leave us confused and even in doubt if what we chose is the right one for us. For this reason, exploring the different options will help you to arrive at the right choice. The following are some of the best summer colors that you might want to consider.

Lemon – as a radiant color, lemon can further heat up your summer. It is a color close to yellow and it can make a good table linen since it tends to absorb the sun's brightness. If you serve cold lemon juice, then lemon table linens will make it more delicious.

Lime – as a summer color, lime will definitely juice-up your vacation. It is a color found between green and yellow but it is a bit more of yellow than green. Play with lime color under the heat of the sun by using it as a table linen. This color represents the color of lime, a citrus fruit known for its sourness.

Orange – while lemon might be sour, orange can sweetened up your summer. Orange is found between the yellow and red color. Orange is a perfect table linen color as this is can mellow down the sun's rays. As a table linen, you can be fashionable with this color.

Peach – derived its name from the peach fruit, peach is a color close to red. Imagine basking under the summer sun with your table drenched in peach, it will truly enhance your summer experience. For many decades, peach had been usually a choice for interior design. So why not use peach for your summer table?.

There are other summer colors that you can choose from but the aforementioned colors are among the best choices. You can even try to mix up the colors to come up with a playful combination.

Choosing the right linen.

Now that you know the different summer table linen colors, you need to know some of the tips to have the best quality. Remember, color is just one factor you need to consider. When choosing the right linen, consider the price. Most people might think that the price is a good basis to determine the quality of the linen. While this might be true, it does not always apply to some situations. So the best thing that you should do is to examine the linen very carefully. Furthermore, think about its durability. Investing in good linens can be a wise step so that you can use it for a very long time.

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Cheap Wedding Table Linens to Fit Your Budget

Wedding is one of the most significant and memorable event in a person's life. It is a kind of event that should be meticulously and carefully planned. There are a lot of things to be considered in planning a wedding because there are so many things that are involved in the wedding, from the venue of the wedding and reception, the suits and the dresses, the invitations, the flowers, the decorations etc. But one must not forget about the wedding table linens.

The most important part of the wedding of course is the union of two people but for a wedding event to run smoothly, planning the decorations is a must. When we talk of wedding decorations at the reception, the first thing that we would think of being the wedding table linen. The wedding table linens can be the main focus of your wedding reception's theme so you should really choose the ones that can have great impacts. The rest of the decorations in the wedding reception will be based upon the wedding table linen. There are a lot of wedding table linens to choose from. They range from color, styles and materials. If you want to have great wedding table linen but also do not want to overspend on them, you should find Cheap Wedding Table Linens to Fit Your Budget.

In finding the Cheap Wedding Table Linens to Fit Your Budget you can try going to the local fabric stores near you to check for the wedding table linens in bulk and any available discounts. This is quite a lot of work especially if you need to find a specific color, measure and style and it is not one of the most effective ways that you can find Cheap Wedding Table Linens to Fit Your Budget, it is much easier to buy online from us. It might be easy to find cheap wedding table linens at these discount stores but they can be very hard to find if they exist at all.

We offer great deals on prices in wedding table linens. You can also find a great range of choices at our store, if you want to do more research before you shop online you can ask your wedding or event coordinators if they can refer you to someone who sells cheap wedding table linens.

Wedding Table Linens

All kinds of table linens have been used since the earliest civilizations, such as that of Ancient Egypt, Babylon, and Phoenicia. In ancient times linens were made from yarn spun from flax fibers. Today, many good quality table linens are made from cotton, synthetic fibers, and poly/cotton blends. Aside from their other everyday practical uses, linens have become an essential part of weddings and event – adding a splash of elegance and style to tables and chairs alike.

These days, wedding ceremonies and receptions seem dull and incomplete without a decent set of linens. Table linens cover and beautify tables that would have appeared plain and simple. Napkins are also quite important, since they are items that family, friends, and loved ones interact with throughout their meal. Chair covers and treatments are also a must. Many wedding linen providers offer a wide array of covers that allow people to choose whether to cover the entire chair or just the back or cushion. Chair ties and bands finish the look of the chair covers, complementing their color and design. Indeed, linens spice up even the most solemn and significant of events.

Undeniably, weddings would never be complete without a nice set of linens. Many décor providers offer an enormous portfolio of colors and designs. Wedding linens certainly bring an elegant and stylish touch to the event, reinforcing its ambiance and leaving a lasting impression on each and every guest. Create a better memory of the most unforgettable event of your life with our fantastic range of wedding linens.

Our table linens are perfect for wedding receptions, party events, rehearsal dinners, catering buffets, store displays, conferences, casinos and conventions. Colorful round, rectangle, and square tabletop linens that can be coordinated with accents and centerpieces in many ways to achieve a beautiful reception décor. These items work well in a banquet style reception, buy yours today!

Restaurant Table Linens

Good quality, durable, table linens are a must for every restaurant. A restaurant is not a restaurant without its table linens. Fine dining restaurants and family diners alike need to dress their tables in linens that add style and elegance. There are many table linens restaurant owners can choose from and the absolute key to purchasing restaurant table linens is quality. Its fabric should be made from all-natural fibers like cotton or linen. Although man-made or artificial linen are easier to clean, they do not absorb liquids very well. And of course, it is to be expected that there will be accidents and spills that will occur. And you will need a tablecloth that can handle spills and assaults on the linen.

Linens that do not handle spills very well, though how attractive and easy to clean, are not suggested for restaurants. Surprisingly, the durability of an artificial tablecloth is relatively shorter than natural linens. Deciding on the perfect restaurant table linens is an important undertaking because, with the right selection, you can create a vibrant and inviting atmosphere for your participants.

A restaurant owner should also consider the design and color of the linens and if they complement the restaurants furniture and decorations. This is where the participants will spend the majority of their time, so having the perfect restaurant table linen color, style, and size will result in a wonderful lasting impression for your patrons. Restaurant table linens are an extremely important aspect of the restaurant business and are almost as essential and inviting as the food itself.

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Create The Right Ambience and Make a Good Impression:

Wholesale table linens can make the right impact for any party setting whether at home or for a grand wedding and buying from us at wholesale prices will save you a bundle. The way the table is set, the linen used, the arrangement made all speak volumes about the host. Selecting the right linens thus, becomes important for it plays a major role in creating the desired ambience and helps in making the right impression.

Good table linens can be identified by their very appearance itself. Soft, smooth and well-textured is what you must look for. A neutral shade that is not overpowering but sets the stage for a grand evening is the ideal. Match the napkins with your table cloth. This is especially true in case of a formal occasion. However, for a semi-formal or a casual get together you have more freedom and can mix and match the napkins to create the desired effect. The table linens used should compliment the crockery and the rest of the table arrangement and only then would you have the perfect setting that makes you truly proud as a host/hostess.

For table linens to look elegant and stylish, there is a lot of care that goes on behind the scenes. If they are kept well, you can be sure that you have beautiful linen that would make you feel good for several years. After use, it must be cleaned and put away carefully.

Stains are a major threat to your tablecloths and thus, any little stain must be attended to immediately. Stains that are left to dry and not bothered about would make your linen their home and it is then almost impossible to get rid of them. Wash well, iron and fold them neatly before you store them. Dry and store in a well-ventilated place to avoid any musty smell or stains. Starching n is another option that ensures that they stay crisp and fresh. There are specially designed storage kits for linen that are easily available online. When you invest in expensive linen, make sure that the care taken too is one that ensures that your beautiful linen stays that way for years to come.

For formal and grand parties like that of a wedding, the table setting plays an important role. With some thought and creativity you can make the tables look extremely beautiful and provide just the right backdrop for your centerpiece. The wedding day is your special day and you surely want it to be one that everyone enjoys and appreciates. With a few additions like satin ribbons, colorful table runners or beautiful napkins you can add a wonderful effect to your wedding table linens.

A beautifully decorated table is one that adds to the décor and enhances the overall appearance and ambience. Thus, you definitely need to spend some time deciding the looks and effect that you wish to create. Good tablecloths however, do not mean expensive table linens. With just a little looking around you would be able to find linen that is easy on your pocket and makes you feel good.

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Church Tablecloths

Church tablecloths are used by various religious groups to cover an altar. Most church table linens are white in color, symbolizing purity and holiness. However, there are some religions whose churches use table linens of different colors, such as the green inditia of the Russian Orthodox Church. Because many altars are made of wood and are often ornate, an altar cloth is commonly used to protect the altar surface. In other cases, the cloth serves to beautify the rather mundane construction underneath. Covering an altar with cloth may also be a sign of respect towards the holiness of the altar.

The Roman Catholic Church and Anglican Church only recognize some table linen that can be used in their churches. Among these are the cere cloth, linen cloth, fair linen, and coverlet. The cere cloth protects the other linens from the dampness of a stone altar. The linen tablecloth prevents the altar from being dented by heavy vases or communion vessels placed on top of the alter. The fair linenb is the long, white linen cloth laid over the linen cloth. The coverlet is of the same length and width as the fair linen, and is left on the altar whenever it is not in use. It simply protects the altar from dust and debris.

In a sense, church table linens are very much similar to regular table linens. However, the role they play in the church's religious rituals cannot be underestimated. Church table linens should therefore be treated with the same care and respect as the alter itself.

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Countdown to Your Wedding Day - 30 Days To Go! Checklist.

After you've spent months or a year planning and scheduling every minute detail of your wedding, you will wake up one morning and realize that it's the last few weeks before the ceremony and there are things you haven't done. Don't be surprised if your mind goes blank and you just cannot remember what needs to be done. Stress!

Here is a quick checklist to get you back on track and relieve some of your stress:

• This would be a good time to apply for your marriage license, if you haven't already done it. Different localities have different requirements so you and your fiance need to take a little advance care with this process. Normally, this is a task handled by the groom.

The license is usually issued by the County Clerk or the Clerk of the Court. There will be a fee. Check in advance for the fee and method of payment required. Some states require blood tests and others require tests for German Measles, venereal diseases, sickle-cell anemia, tuberculosis, etc.

• Your dress needs a final fitting now to be sure there's time to make any changes needed. While you are at it, make sure your bridesmaids and groomsmen have their attire ready to go.

• All your vendors need to be contacted to confirm arrival/delivery dates and times. This includes your caterer, florist, musicians, photographer, hotels, reception hall, minister or other officiate, transportation and hotel reservations and the bakery creating your wedding cake.

• Take a little time to check your wedding program for accuracy before you print it. Send a future change of address form to the post office. Make a list of those invited guests who have not responded to your request for an RSVP and ask your mother or sister to contact them. As soon as you know how many out-of-town guests you will have, create your welcome baskets for them. • As soon as you receive gifts, write thank you notes. People consider it bad manners to have to wait weeks to get thanked for sending a gift.
Two Weeks To Go:

A couple of weeks before your ceremony, flesh out your seating plan and write your place cards. Confirm any last minute details and tell your caterer how many to expect. Complete your seating chart.

Pick up your dress and hang it where it won't wrinkle or get caught on something. Occasionally walk around your house wearing your wedding shoes to break them in and make them comfortable for your walk down the aisle.

Arrange for a house sitter while you are on your honeymoon, if necessary. You might need someone to water your plants or take care of your pets while you are gone.

Make sure someone has a list of your honeymoon itinerary and contact information in case of an emergency.

With your fiance, write toasts for the rehearsal dinner and reception. Attend your bachelor or bachelorette parties.

The Day Before:

Your out-of-town guests will be arriving. Relax with them and make them comfortable. Personally give them their welcome baskets or have them already in their rooms.

Take a break and have a manicure, pedicure and maybe a massage.

Confirm your transportation schedule.

Attend the rehearsal that afternoon or evening and hold the rehearsal dinner. Give your wedding party their gifts and make sure they know their individual responsibilities, like handing out corsages and boutonnieres, escorting guests down the aisle.

The Big Day:

Give your parents their wedding gifts, if you didn't do it at the rehearsal dinner.

Follow the schedule you have set up for the morning; hair dresser, make up, etc., and you'll make it just fine to the wedding with everything running fairly smoothly.