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See our inexpensive lavender collection on sale at discount prices, buy quality fabric table covers in bulk, for wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, and special events. Available in 13 standard sizes.

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Variety in Designs and Colors for Wedding Tablecloths

Table covers are used both as ordinary coverings and also as ornamental pieces used for special occasions like weddings. A table cover serves the double purpose of protecting the table from getting scratches or stains. The most commonly used place for a table cover is the dining table. In most homes these days the other furniture is generally left uncovered because of the attractive laminates that are used on the tops. However, some people still prefer to have every flat piece of furniture covered with a cloth. The table cover sizes used to be quite big in Victorian times. Table covers used in that period used to reach the floor level whatever be the table on which it was spread... read more.

These lavender table linens are made from a durable, stain-resistant, and wrinkle-free heavy-weight Visa polyester fabric, the fabric weight is approx 200/220 GSM (grams per square meter), the colors will not fade out even after multiple washings, these are classic event linens at excellent prices, perfect for all kinds of weddings, parties, and events, we also have excellent lavender table runners, perfect for weddings, parties and special events of every kind.

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Our lavender collection is available in round, rectangle, and square table linen styles, they are manufactured in many various table linen sizes to suit almost all restaurant, home dining or banquet room table dimensions.

Round Table Covers

Lavender Table Linens Round

Rectangle Table Covers

Lavender Table Linens Rectangle

Square Table Covers

Lavender Table Linens Square

Buy these lavender linens and get great quality fabric at very affordable linen prices.

Sizes and Styles:

70 inch Round
78 inch Round
90 inch Round
108 inch Round
120 inch Round
132 inch Round

60x102 inch Rectangular
60x126 inch Rectangular

54x54 inch Square
70x70 inch Square
85x85 inch Square

Cloth Napkins:

17 inch Square Napkins

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