How To Clean and Store Your Table Linens

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To remove any wrinkles caused by packaging and shipping you can put the linens in your home dryer works for 15 to 20 minutes and this should remove any wrinkles, for stubborn wrinkles use water in a spray bottle to lightly damp the linen before putting in the dryer, you can also iron them or use a fabric steamer.

We do not recommend drying our table linens in professional laundromat dryers, since most of them run too hot, drying temperatures in excess of 180F (Degrees Fahrenheit) can shock the linen and create permanent wrinkles.

Our table linens can be laundered at home using standard home washing machines and dryers. They should be washed with similar colors in cool water using a regular detergent. White table linens can be treated with bleaching agents to remove stains (if required) and should be washed as soon as possible to prevent permanent stains. The linens should be removed from the dryer while still warm in order to minimize wrinkles. They should then be folded and stored or put to use right away. You can decorate your entire table setting affordably with our wholesale tablecloths, as well as our cheap table runners, overlays, napkins, and other affordable supplies.

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They are easy to wash, the temperature of the water should be no higher than 150F (Degrees Fahrenheit) to prevent the colors from fading. Do not wash polyester table linens together with cotton table linens, and wash different fabric colors separately (DO NOT bleach your colored linens, only bleach your white table linens).

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The table linen colors will not fade, even after dozens of individual washings, and are wrinkle resistant and stain resistant.

The temperature of ironing should not be higher than 320F (Degrees Fahrenheit).

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Store your polyester polyester table linens in a place with good ventilation such as a linen closet. If you wrap your linens, be sure to use bags made of linen, cotton, or muslin. Do not store table linens in plastic bags, cardboard boxes, or cedar chests.

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