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The planning of the most special day is going well, and you are already half way through, having already picked the dress, the bouquet, the reception place, the flower arrangements and the orchestra. It is now time to find the best bakery and the most perfect wedding cake. You might think that this is one of the easiest decisions you had to make during the planning process. Finding the perfect cake is not an easy task at all and it does require some time, but it is definitely one of the sweetest tasks of all. If your looking for recipes take a look at our recipes website.

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When shopping for a wedding cake, you have to address the whole process from several angles. In fact, the things that you will have to be on the lookout for are choosing the right baker, choosing the right flavor, and last but not least, incorporating the decoration of the cake with the overall décor or theme of the wedding.

Hiring a good and reliable baker is one of the most important prerequisites for having the perfect wedding cake. The making of such a cake is a very delicate process which takes up to several days, and the baker must be experienced in order to deliver. Therefore, do not just rush into the first store you find, ask around instead and get some references before you go any further.

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Once you have decided on the baker, you can move on and talk about flavors. The flavor of the cake is something that should reflect you and your future spouse as a couple. Try to find something that you both like and something that can give a message too. Go for chocolate if you are more traditional, or give a chance to an uncommon fruit, if you like new and unconventional things. Discuss the ingredients with your baker and see what he or she will suggest and make sure the size is appropriate for the number of your expected guests.

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The cake will be in the center of the reception, attracting everyone's eyes for several hours at least, therefore it needs to be in line with the other décor, and it needs to be made firm so it can withstand being left in the open without smelting or losing the freshness of taste. Decorate it with icing, or fresh flowers or with anything else you might think of. Share your imagination and thoughts with your baker, and get ready to enjoy a sweet and lovely piece of cake.

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