Simple Space Saving Interior Design

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As family lifestyles change, the home changes along with them. Over the years, most people tend to acquire new possessions as they lose more and more of their valuable space. Here are some simple space saving interior design ideas which are sure to offer efficient solutions for every room in your home, get organized and take control of your space. TableclothsForLess is your source for stylish table runners, the perfect accent for your tabletop décor. We carry a colorful array of coordinating table runners including beautiful organza, satin and polyester table runners.

More than any other room in the house, the kitchen is usually tight for storage. A trendy and practical solution is an iron ceiling rack. They are splendid for hanging dried flowers, bunches of herbs and pots and pans. A chrome railing may be fitted all along the wall of the work surface. This can hold different kitchen equipment, such as ladles and spatulas.

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The dining area may be decorated with wicker baskets. These look wonderful in any corner or hung on the wall. Tablecloths, towels or cloth napkins might be folded within. Dish racks can be fitted in just about anywhere. Unused corners are frequently overlooked possibilities. Hooks may be screwed underneath them as well. They will hold cups, jugs and much more.

The living room has its own share of storage problems. To combat this, the first step is to get rid of all the useless clutter. Attractive screens are one of the best concealers of bulky objects. Sport or exercise equipment will stay out of sight well hidden behind. An antique trunk makes a great coffee table as it also hides household ephemera.

Large bookcases can accommodate books, magazines, piles of paper and files. They are life savers for any office. Another idea which will maximize limited area is built shelves which reach the ceiling and frame the door. An assortment of glass jars or bowls are decoratively pleasing and hold pens, pencils and many other office supplies.

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When planning storage in the bathroom, old industrial packaging may be turned into charming organizers. Recycled wine crates or small barrels can stow away anything from washing detergent to shampoo bottles, creams and lotions. Laundry baskets are perfect for storing clothes or linen. They may even be spray painted to add color to the whole ensemble.

In a small or crowded bedroom, there are ways to use every bit of unused surface. Under the bed is one of them. Suitcases or boxes of heavy winter clothing can fit snugly underneath. An unused wooden drawer or two can move in and out easily. In addition, rows of pegs may line one wall to keep the room neat by holding hats or coats.

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The hallway is most appropriate for exhibiting personal collections. It is the best place to put almost anything on display and out of drawers and cupboards. Thick, full curtains falling to the floor can close off one part making a very effective closet. This is extremely useful for items which are not in everyday use.

A little imagination goes a long way when it comes to simple storage in interior design. The solutions to this classic problem can substitute each area in the home into a beneficial capacity. All one needs to do is search every corner and find available place.

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