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Tables are an important part of any event or occasion and without a nice tablecloth a table setting looks dull and boring. Our tablecloths are available in a large variety of colors and designs. Tables are of several shapes such as round tables, square and rectangular tables. The distance of all the people seated, are at equal distance from the center, so everyone gets the same space. You can use our table cover size chart to find the round size you need. We carry a colorful array of coordinating table covers, and runners including beautiful organza, satin and polyester table runners.

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Round tablecloths turn a simple and dull table into an excellent dining experience. In hotels and restaurants tablecloths matter a great deal to patrons. Our round table cloths are available in 30 colors. The tablecloth colors are chosen according to the event. The table overlays and runners are an additional source of decorating the tables. All these are available in high quality fabrics and patterns. The round table cloths are embroidered too, and look very charming. The table runners are available in beautifully embroidered designs and beads are used to increase its beauty. There are many fabrics used for round table cloths.

Round table clothes for square tables are a good solution to sort out the dining problems, not only in informal ceremonies but also meetings and conventional dinners. This is because of the elliptical form that goes downward and allows the people to move their legs freely here and there. The round table cloth for square tables vary according to the height of the table such as to cover a 55 inch square table, and has a standard drop of 15 inch then you will need 55 inch to cover the table top with an extra 15 inch on both sides of the table. Similarly, 85 inch square table cloth is required to cover a 55 inch table and will have a drop of 15 inch.

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Our round tablecloths for square tables are widely used and are perfectly fit for a square table. Square table cloth is not thought to be worthy for a square shaped table. The table cloths are an important part of any function and should be carefully selected. In present times, on line stores has solved this problem to a large extent and now it is not at all difficult to select an appropriate table cloth for any event.

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