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Tables are an essential part of any event or ceremony. Mainly, a table is a place used to put food and drinks, and serve as the venue for sharing meals as well as a conversation with others. Tables come in various shapes and sizes such as square table, rectangle, and the most commonly used round table, and less common are oval tables. The round table is considered to be the most comfy aesthetic as it has no edges and the distance from the center to everyone seated around is equal. So, it renders a fair arrangement and no one feels superior to any other seated guest.

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Tablecloths are a crucial part of a table arrangement and setting. In fact, the setting of a table begins from the tablecloth. The length of the tablecloth, its color, and design are all taken into consideration while selecting a tablecloth. The round banquet tablecloths should be of enchanting colors and beautiful patterns. The most commonly used round banquet tablecloths are white round table cloths, black banquet table cloths, and red table cloths.

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The round banquet tablecloths create a flawless and exclusive look on any banqueting table. The height of a standard banquet round table is 30" inches or 2.5 feet, and the linen drop on "each side of the table" should be 15" inches from the edge of the table. In the same way a round table of 60" inches diameter will need a tablecloth 90" inches round. In a round table, only the length is taken into consideration whereas in a rectangular table both length and width are considered. The round banquet tablecloths must be of good quality, durable and heavy duty. The skirtings and overlays help to increase the decor of the round banquet table cloths.

These skirts and overlays are available in a variety of colors and patterns, which can be picked out in contrast to the banquet tablecloths your using. The overlays are mostly made of silky and shiny stuff which enhances the beauty of the banquet table. Another additional thing used for further ornamentation is the table runner. Ttable runners are available in a lot of variety and unique designs. The handmade table runners are also available in niche stores that look very traditional and different.

Embroidered table runners and table cloths are available that are decorated with beads and gems of various colors. The banquet table cloths for round tables with embroidery give a medallion look. Today, it is very easy to make choice from many colors and get a table cloth according to your taste and preference. There are a large number of on line shops are helpful in providing banquet table cloths and wedding table linens. Hence, now it is no longer difficult to get your required table cloths.

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Typically, the colors preferred for round banquet table cloths include ivory, white, black and dark colors such as navy blue and chocolate color. The color selection however depends greatly on the kind of ceremony and the theme of the event taking place. The banquet table cloths are of heavy weight, like 200- 220g/m2 as they render easy table linen care.

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