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Tablecloths can be used for more interesting things than just spreading it out over a table or horizontal surface. By utilizing the perfect fabric for the situation, the buffet space becomes an enhancement to the décor. By displaying the cloth in an a typical manner, the expected becomes unexpected, and the variation will serve as an additional invitation for your guests to enjoy the buffet. Follow these techniques for incorporating folded, draped, layered and unique tablecloths into your buffet design.

Simple and Draped Tabelcloths.

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Select a tablecloth that fits the event's theme. The cloth could be a true tablecloth or merely a length of interesting fabric that will connect with your event. Drape the cloth over the horizontal surface, letting the fabric hang at least 6 inches down from the outer edge of the surface. Gather the fabric at the four corners of the surface, bunching it in your hand. Wrap an attractive cord around the gathered fabric and flounce the cloth below the cording. For an elegant event, try gold or silver cording; for a casual, sports-theme, use athletic shoelaces to tie the cloth. Be creative in mixing and matching the best ties to the fabric and the theme.

Another draping option is to create a scalloped skirted effect. This method used two tablecloths and looks best when two different fabric patterns are used. Ideally, a solid color and a complementing pattern create a pleasing effect. Start by draping the buffet or the table with the first cloth, creating as much drop (the fabric overhanging the table's edges) as possible.

Layer the complementary fabric over the first, but this cloth should have a smaller drop than the first cloth. It is perfectly fine to leave these tablecloths as they are, or an attractive scalloped design can be created by pulling up the drop of the top cloth and securing it with a safety pin. Try to keep the scallops about the same size to create a look of symmetry and order.

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Folded Tablecloths

This unique but simple way to bring a surprising twist to a dinner table is to fold or pleat the tablecloth. This method works best with an oversized tablecloth or an undersized table! For a rectangular table, take the tablecloth and create pleats in it, which travel lengthwise down the fabric. This activity is a little tedious, in order to get the pleats similar in width and straight along the fabric. Typically, three to five pleats down the center of the table are all that is needed to deliver this design. Solid color or small prints work well with a pleated display, and it's clever to use the pleats to tuck in greenery, baby's breath or another thematic decorating element.

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