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Shopping for party linens and filling your party supplies closet with appropriate tablecloths and linens is very similar to filling your clothes closet with a full compliment of business attire. With just a little bit of effort, you can create a solid foundation of linens that you can add to on a seasonal or event basis.

Create a dazzling table setting with high-quality dining essentials from TableclothsForLess. Browse our high-quality yet cheap table cloth collection and order online today. With some pre-planning and the information you'll learn in this article, you will create a small but effective collection of functional party tablecloths, drapes and napkins that will enable you to dress all of your social gatherings like a professional event planner.

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Tablecloths form the foundation of party linens especially black tablecloths. You can transform the most humble of tables into your party mood setter with the right kind of tablecloth. First... find the right size.

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Measure your table's length and width and add 6 to 10 inches of drop on every side. Therefore, a table that measures 48x 84 would look best with a tablecloth that measures 60x 96 or larger.

Christmas Party

Assemble The Basics

Check your hardware stores, discount stores, department stores and even your fabric store for tablecloths, sometime they have good ones but not very often, for real deals shop at TableclothsForLess.com. I prefer solid colored tablecloths in a soil-resistant poly or poly blend. My Party Closet has tablecloths in the following colors: black, white, ivory, royal blue, navy blue, hunter green and deep red. I find that most occasions will fit in one of these color schemes, especially if I supplement the solid cloth with a topper in a seasonal color or fabric.

For instance, I can create a Halloween table design using my black tablecloth with a couple of orange and black fabric napkins arranged diagonally down the midline of the table, a Christmas table with the deep red cloth strewn with fresh pine boughs, a winter table design with the navy blue cloth sprinkled with powdered sugar "snow," or a spring display with the white tablecloth that's been anchored with several bright spring floral displays that are connected by pastel grosgrain ribbons.

Table Skirts Add Dimension

These linens encircle the perimeter of your table, and effectively hide the table legs and the space under your table. Using a table skirt gives your table an added touch of elegance. However, be aware that skirting should only be used on stand-alone tables (such as buffets, bars, or gift tables). Skirting on a dining table will make your guests uncomfortable, as there is no good place to stretch their legs.

Generally, white skirting will match with most color schemes, and it is the most readily available color. Use straight pins or skirting clips to attach the skirting to your tablecloth.

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Linen Napkins Can Add The Final Classic Touch

Cloth napkins are a wonderful investment, and they can easily add punch to your table design. Pick up cloth napkins in vibrant colors or season patterns from your local discount store or dollar store. Check out end of season sales for seasonal napkins at a fraction of the cost. Finally, it's simple to make your own cloth napkins from inexpensive seasonal fabric. Just cut the fabric to size and hem the edges.

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