Packing For Your Honeymoon

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Many people, if not most, are not great packers when going on a vacation, let alone to a popular honeymoon destination. Some pack way too much so they won't be without anything they are used to using at home. Others get stressed by packing and do it without a list and arrive at their honeymoon destination with all the wrong outfits or necessities. will satisfy all of your needs with our wholesale table linens selection. When you need long lasting, cheap linens that are also very easy to clean and reuse for multiple events choose our quality wedding linens.

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When you're planning your wedding, there are hundreds of details to handle during the months before the actual ceremony. Your honeymoon will seem like it's an eternity away, but it will be a reality faster than you believe. Traditionally, booking the honeymoon details, like lodging and airplane reservations, has been the groom's task, but packing for a trip will never be handed off to him. Would you do that?.


To make it easier for you, here are some honeymoon packing tips:

What You Absolutely Have To Have: (Pack these items together in your carry on bag, so you can find them easily.)

Your airline tickets, either physical tickets or confirmation for tickets bought online, are a prime concern and should be an automatic item packed in your purse or carryon bag. Along with your tickets, pack your passport, visas and driver's licenses. Your credit cards are probably in wallets or your purse, but only take those you are going to use (do not take them all).

In the same place with your airline tickets and passports, pack your hotel confirmations and any theater or event tickets you've reserved/purchased. Good advice is to keep your traveler's checks on your person, with half being carried by each of you.

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Make two photocopies of both sides of your credit cards, medical or travel insurance coverage and your prescriptions. Do the same for your driver's licenses and passports or visas. Keep one copy of all your records on you or in your purse. Leave the other copy in the hotel.

If you carry prescription medicines, pack them in their original bottles, and don't forget sunglasses. If you need prescription glasses, have a spare pair made and pack it securely in your carry on bag.

It might be a good idea to make another copy of everything mentioned above to leave with a parent or close friend. If you are out of the country on your honeymoon, loss or theft will make it difficult for you to make replacements so you can continue your trip. A phone call home will get replacements or stop illegal withdrawals on your credit cards. Make sure your address book has current information for your doctor, any house or animal sitters and a friend or relative who will check on your home while you are gone.

Memories are fleeting, so pack your digital camera with several batteries and a spare memory card, if possible. If you need a charger, pack one made for the country you are visiting. You might want to check about the need for an electrical converter or adapter for your electric razor and laptop, if you are taking it with you.

What To Buy At Home Before You Leave:

Most hotels will have a shop that carries some of these first aid needs, but they might not be the same products you are used to. Buy these in travel sizes before you leave.

Some handy items to have are: insect repellent, anti-itch cream, Aloe Vera, aspirin, antacid, antihistamine, diarrhea and motion sickness medicine, Band-Aids, sunscreen and lip balm. Tampons or pads are something you do not want to forget and, depending on your destination, can be difficult to find if you need them.

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A few items you might be advised to buy and pack before you leave could actually be something you would want to buy at your destination. Sun hats, baseball caps and canvas tote bags are often decorated with photos or names of the resort you're staying at and can be purchased reasonably for souvenirs when you are home. A guidebook might be handy, but your resort will, more than likely, provide you with maps and current tourist information.

These tips will just get you started with your honeymoon packing. Each one of you will have clothing, personal hygiene and beauty products to pack. Make a list and follow it while you are packing. You can also discover these popular honeymoon destinations.

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