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Office Party Mistakes You Need To Avoid

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Throwing an office party can be a powerful way to improve the overall morale of employees while also showing them that they are appreciated and respected for the effort they give on a daily basis. However, there are a number of mistakes that many people make when throwing an office party. First, don't overpay for your linens, not only are our table linens built to last, as every table linen item is constructed of a seamless, polyester fabric. These heavy duty tablecloths for weddings, anniversaries, and other occasions are reusable and long lasting.

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The biggest mistake many people make when throwing an office party is to exclude inviting spouses and significant others. If the party is not during office hours, allow employees to bring someone along to the party. Avoid labeling what "significant other" means. Regardless of how long the employee has been with the person they wish to bring, let them bring that person. Make the party available for all employees plus one.

If you are offering alcohol at the party, be mindful of the problems it can cause. Require that people give up their keys and organize designated drivers to make sure everyone gets home safely. It may be worth the time to plan ahead and allow people to carpool to and from the party. Alcohol can also cause problems at the party. We all know that alcohol can bring a bad side out in people. Try to be mindful of potential problems that people have with each other that may spark when alcohol is presented.

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Regardless, do everything you possibly can to keep people safe when you offer alcohol at your party. Throwing a party that asks people to participate and bring gifts or dishes is one thing, requiring people to come or to charge for the party is a completely different animal. Having people swap gifts or bring covered dishes creates a feeling of contributing to and being a part of the party. Asking people to pay or to demand they give up their free time for a party can create a negative perception and discontent among employees instead of the desired goal of improved morale.

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The final mistake many people make is dividing the party. The point of the party is for everyone to mingle and socialize with their co-workers. Dividing the party by pay grade or position can cause a feeling of being divided instead of coming together. Whether someone is the highest level of management or at the bottom of the ladder, they should all be treated equally while at the party. Dividing people only strengthens the mindset of us against them which is common among employees and management.

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Avoiding these mistakes can help take your party to the next level and leave people feeling happy and joyful instead of resentful and angry. The holiday season and office parties provide a way to show employees the gratitude and appreciation you feel for all the sacrifices and energy they put into the company. Be mindful of the little details that can actually cause an office party to backfire while planning and you will be amazed at the difference you will make in the overall morale and mood of the office on a regular basis.

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