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Table settings play crucial roles at home and in eateries, the linen decor add's fashion and elegance to any dining table. They enhance the food presentation and the overall table and room setting, but choosing the right color can be difficult, there are so many different choices one must also be very specific on the size and design of the table that needs to be covered and the surrounding décor, always keep in mind the "end look" your trying to creat, how will it look once everything is in place, will it blend well with the room decor?, is it too busy?, do some of the colors clash? or is there a better color for the runners?, or another item.

Our customers prefer our tablecloths because they are solid color and easy to mix and match with other items, they are thick to the feel heavy-weight fabric, they will "hold a fold", and they create a beautiful décor ambiance. Our tablecloths and cloth napkins will add charm to your table.

Visa polyester is an excellent fabric for tablecloths because it is a long-lasting and tough material thus making linen tablecloths very durable. When buying, most people prefer these types of tablecloths because they are very easy to maintain. These linens are popular in the hospitality industry because of the low maintenance and classic look.

Polyester table covers play an important role not only to add style and appearance to the dining room, but also to provide protection to the table against stains and scratches. Table surfaces can also be damaged by too much heat thus with tablecloths, there are reduced chances of the tabletop being damaged. Many events and establishments use table mats that are heat resistant, and linen tablecloths are additional help to protect the table against any unprecedented food spills.

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If your considering what sizes of tablecloths will fit my tables have a look at our easy sizes guide click here, you can also check out our fantastic range of colored fabrics, 30 beautiful colors to dress up any event, party, or home space.

Our table decor linens are excellent quality, made from heavy fabric, they are 100% seameless even on our largest sizes like our 132 round style. They are effective, beautiful and they are perfect especially in adding décor to dining space, we also offer a range of table skirts in many standard colors and sizes.

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Our website shows the large collection of designs, colors and sizes that we have in stock that you can purchase to make your event or party the most amazing extravaganza ever, your guests will love the classy look and style at your tables, expect many compliments.

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