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How To Throw A Healthy Holiday Party

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The holiday season is a time of the year that people use as an excuse to eat as much as they choose. As time moves on, people are becoming more aware of eating healthier. So is it possible to throw a killer party that is healthy? The answer is yes; you can throw a healthy party this holiday season. Following these simple tips and strategies can allow you to throw a great party that people remember, yet still make it one that is healthy.

Throwing a holiday party, as well as the entire holiday season, can be stressful. Boosting your antioxidants and providing antioxidant rich foods can be a great way to help address the stress. Super foods such as oranges, bell peppers, cranberries, pomegranates, dark chocolate, and other similar foods can help improve the reduction of free radicals which have been shown to cause stress.

Get rid of the alcohol and other unhealthy drinks such as soda and sugary drinks. It's no secret that all of these types of drinks are not healthy. Instead, consider offering filtered water with sliced fruit. Allow the water to sit refrigerated for two hours with the fruit in it in order to infuse the flavors. Adding sliced fruit to water offers an alternative for beverages that are full of flavor, yet provide a healthy option for your party.

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Sugar is a major source of unhealthy food in the modern day. Throwing your holiday party by replacing sugars with all natural sweeteners provides a healthy solution. Replace white sugar with organic sweeteners such as raw honey or maple syrup, or even pure raw sugar. Baking cookies, cakes, pies, breads, and other such items with natural non-sugar sweeteners offers a way to improve the health of the food you offer without sacrificing the flavor and taste.

Offering products with whole grains can provide you with an excellent array of food options without taking the health out of it. Provide people with recipes that include whole grain organic brown rice, buckwheat, quinoa, and other whole grain products. People will be amazed at how much lighter they feel after eating, yet remain satisfied after eating your delicious dishes. Replace all-purpose flour whole wheat flour or spelt in order to boost not only the nutritional value of your baked goods, but also the overall flavor.

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Offering plant based dishes accomplishes a number of tasks at your party. They provide color to the food arrangement as well as offer people nutrient rich foods. Providing people with vegetable based foods allows them to eat healthier and to balance out the other foods and beverages that aren't as healthy. Dishes focused on vegetables also help to fill people up more quickly and leave them feeling fuller than traditional dishes often found at holiday parties.

Also consider offering antibiotic and hormone-free meats at your party. There are countless websites available that will help you locate local farmers who have chosen to raise their livestock without the use of harmful additions to the food they feed them. Featuring vegetable and hormone free meats can provide a variety of tasty foods as well as healthy options.

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