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Interior design professionals give lot of importance on which table covers are to be used, especially at weddings. The most important place where the maximum number of table covers will be used is the dining area where the guests will be seated for formal lunch or dinner. Many types of table covers made of variety of materials ranging from cotton to silk, in wide array of colors plain or with designs and border styles are available in the market. However, a good number of people prefer Custom Tablecloths, even though they may a little costlier because they will not be mass produced.

Purple Wedding Colors

Custom table covers carry the stamp of the personality of the person hosting the event. They might see a number of designs and patterns on the internet or in catalogues and may form an idea of what they would like to have for their wedding. The design can be made in consultation with other members of the family so that what emerges will be something that is unique and at the same time attractive to the eyes. A spectacular custom made tablecloth will be a talking point among guests. It requires a lot of imagination and time to come with something that is very special.


Custom made does not always mean that it has got be done outside engaging a third party. If one has the capability, the wherewithal and necessary tools and he can always get anything done at home using ingenuity and creative faculties. If the custom tablecloths are to be used at the wedding it gives added joy to get it done at home. It is possible to get it done if it is planned well and there is sufficient time to get the work done before the joyous occasion. If handicapped by time one has always the option to get the requirement from any store outside.

Round Table Cover

Making table covers at home requires advance planning and can be difficult. The first part is the tablecloth fabric. One should have clear idea of what would be the most suitable material for a formal event like wedding. Perhaps advice could be had on such matters from friend and relatives. Making custom table covers at home involves considerable work. Depending on the number of guests invited for the lunch or dinner the number of tables will vary and one will have to make at least ten percent more than the number of tables to be prepared for any eventuality.

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Making custom table covers at home requires some skill in stitching, and in cutting cloths. The first need is to know the exact measurement of the tables to be covered. This is prime requirement even if one is making a tablecloth for dining table at home. The cloth required has to be slightly in excess as cover for mistakes. Cutting and stitching are simple processes provided they are done with good concentration.

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Embellishments for the edges as per the family tastes can be added as well as overhangs. Good material, imaginative design or prints and good stitching ability will make homemade tablecloth standout among guests attending the wedding.

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