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A wedding is an occasion of great joy and celebration. People like to turn out in their best finery. Parents of bride who arrange the marriage and reception would like to have the occasion to be a memorable one and pleasing to all the guests. Our polyester tablecloths are stain resistant, an important value when dining and serving meals.

Our polyester tablecloths are also wrinkle resistant, making the need for maintenance minimal, table coverings play key role in glamorizing party events and they are the most visible parts of the occasion that guests will actually touch and see up close. Check out this site if your looking for country style recipes for your wedding menu.

Rehearsal Dinner

Excellent decor can also be achieved through the selection of checkered tablecloths for formal occasions, red/white is very popular for this. These cloths are made from visa polyester, in the good old days they used to be made of cotton and used as tablecloth on dining tables around which family members gather, these days polyester or a poly-cotton blend are the standard for hospitality events and catering. Choose one of our heavy duty polyester tablecloths. These wedding linens are also stain and wrinkle resistant

Outdoor Tables

Our affordable pricing extends past our wholesale table linens and applies to all of our wedding chair covers, table overlays, and other reception supplies. If your tablecloths are in stock your order will be shipped within 24 hours. So what are you waiting for? Check out the full selection of tablecloths at for your next reception, restaurant or entertaining event.

Wedding Toast

A tablecloth for weddings, even though appearing to be only for temporary use, will have to stand some rough use due to the number of people attending the function. Many things in a wedding especially if held in a church or done according to a set pattern and as per the customs prevailing in that part of the country, the table cloth is however is a center piece which is common in any type of wedding. Choosing country style tablecloths for such occasions makes the event look different from the set patterns of other weddings.

Country style linens are getting more popular for use at weddings. Choosing a tablecloth of correct material, color and design is important is because when decorating the house matching colors is important. Therefore, what is suitable for the sitting room cannot be used for the dining room because the color has to match the color of the walls and that of the furniture. However, in case of weddings no such matching is required. How the table cloth look is more important than anything else. The material, designs and border style are more important than other factors in the occasion.