Choosing The Wedding Invitations

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Well, the big date has been set, and it is now time to start planning. A good place to begin the exhilarating full time job of wedding planning is to choose and send out the invitations. You can never be too early in deciding upon your invitations, as it takes time to find the right ones, order them, have them made and delivered, and finally have them addressed and mailed. Remember to send them early enough, as it is best to give your guests the notice at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to the event, especially if you have guests that will need to make travel arrangements to be at your wedding.

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Wedding invitations are more than just a piece of paper that will tell your guests when and where the wedding will take place. It is also means for you to give your guests a first notion of what the event will be like, and what they can expect from it. Therefore, their style, looks and contents needs to be carefully planned. The tablecloths at provide you with a wide spectrum of color choices when you're looking to order your tablecloths and many brides use invitation cards in the same color as their theme tables with matching guest seating cards.

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When deciding on the style of the invitations, the design, type of paper and texture, you should have a few things in mind. Make sure they are in accordance with the wedding theme, and that they give at least a hint about what the wedding will be like. For example, if you go for a classic white or ivory paper with soft texture and gold or silver lettering, that will clearly state to the guests that they are invited to a traditional white wedding. On the other hand, if you use modern or chic-looking colorful paper, the guests will know that they are invited to a less formal wedding party.

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After you have decided on the paper and style, fill up the content. Make sure you give all the important information about where, when, and what takes place, but add some additional information that will be useful to the invitees, such as a hotel that offers a special discount just for the occasion, or whether or not children are invited. You can also mention something about the dress codes, if this is relevant. You can even add some poetry or verses to make the invitations more personalized. And finally, don't forget to order more envelopes than invitations. You will be addressing those yourself, so you should leave some space there, just in case.

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