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Our checkered linens are a popular choice when considering a country farmhouse look to your table setting.

There are some rules which exist depending on the style of round, or square tablecloths you will be using. When buying a new tablecloth make sure it is large enough to cover your table including an overhang on each side, the standard is a 15" inch overhang on each side of a square or rectangle table, and 15" all around on a round table.

Ideally, when you are buying your dining table and matching chairs, the height of the chairs should be approx 12" inches lower than the table surface. If this is the case, then you provide your diners with the most comfortable dining experience as the table is not too high, nor too low for keeping your back straight and relaxed at the same time. Using this guide, your luxurious and beautiful table covers should ideally be at the same level as the seats.

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Of course there can be another scenario when for some special occasion you might need your table linens to overhang the table down to the ground. This is normally the case for a formal reception and not something you would normally undertake at home. Therefore for your home you should feel comfortable with any size of the tablecloth with at least half a metre of extra length and up to additional two heights of your dining table.

The use of a luxury tablecloth is very beneficial when your furniture has lost its glamorous look and got a little older. The solution of a new tablecloth will change the situation immediately and with the minimum of effort. Polyester is an excellent choice of table cover fabric.

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You will also achieve superb results when you take the time to match your tablecloth with your window curtains. In this way, your dining room will look extremely chic and fresh, and be sure to order the correct size for your table, see our sizing guide.

Alternatively, if your home is set in a modern manner and you do not wish to hide your exceptionally stylish furniture under a classic tablecloth, you can always add some glamour to your table with a table runner and some matching linen napkins and placemats. Such arrangement will create an impression of luxury without being too over bearing. There is a wide variety of quality table linens to choose from including plain linens, and check out these great articles describing the do's and dont's of wholesale tablecloths.

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