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Purple is a color resides in the middle of primary colors blue and red. While a lot of people confuse Purple to be less distinct than the color Violet, the latter actually is considered to be "Blue Purple" while Magenta is considered to be "Red Purple". You can decorate your entire table setting with these wholesale purple tablecloths, as well as our cheap table runners, napkins, and other affordable items. A lot of connotations can be drawn from this color and its distinctive qualities. Royalty, nobility, and Christian symbolism are only a few of the recognized and accepted connotations. To use purple as the color choice for linens in a wedding is to display a sense of a higher class, and an obvious affinity to Christianity.

Wedding Decorations

Ivory is one of our most popular colors for weddings, our heavy duty tablecloths for weddings, anniversaries, and other occasions are reusable and long lasting. Simply clean them follwing the care instructions and these restaurant quality tablecloths can be used for multiple uses, including home use.

Ivory as a color theme, displays an off-white appearance, with a slight glow that provides the luxurious it needs to connote royalty as well. The usage and combination of Purple and Ivory Wedding Linens then presents a perfect combination when couples desire a theme that connotes loyalty and a sense of viewing the event as precious but noble at the same time. Ivory and Chocolate is a very popular color combination.

Chocolate Runners

Tablecloths, napkins, draperies and other items are a very important part of the overall décor of any formal setting. Make your event truly memorable with the finest, cheap tablecloths from Your selection of round tablecloths involves over thirty stylish tones to choose from, letting you create a complete matching table setting with our other wholesale linens and things.

All of our tablecloths are manufactured at the highest quality, they have folded and stitched hem edges and have no seams.

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