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Learn How To Fold Linen Napkins The Easy Way
br />A good dining experience includes wonderful ambiance, great food and good company. A wonderfully set table also adds a touch of elegance and provides heartiness to the sharing of meals. Carefully chosen linen napkins that are creatively folded and placed within the table setting dresses up a dining table with real style. There are many different techniques on how to fold linen napkins. One of the most common and simplest styles of napkin folding is the pyramid napkin fold.

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The technique to this classy style, like all other napkin folds, is having the napkin starched so it will not flop. It is quite simple and easy to do: first, you place a linen napkin in front of you, facing down. Then you fold it diagonally and with the open end facing away from you. Hold the right end up and fold it towards the far corner. Repeat this on the left side of the napkin so that you create a diamond shape. Turn it over and fold it in half by taking the farthest side up and close to the nearest point. Turn it again with the open side towards you and fold it along the center to create a pyramid. Starched napkins are great for sturdy folds like these.

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Another beautiful napkin fold is the rosebud fold. It is a bit sophisticated to do, but will be a very pretty piece on your dining table. Face down; fold the napkin diagonally with the open ends away from you. Fold the right corner diagonally to the top which will result in the flap laying on the center. Repeating the step with the other side of the napkin, you will create a diamond shape. Flip it over and fold then napkin from the bottom side to about three quarters of the way and press down the fold. Curl both sides and tuck it onto the other, as this will create a petal formation. It can look like a beautiful centerpiece.

A classic and elegant napkin fold that is usually more decorative is the standing fan fold. Like most other folds, the napkin should be lying face down and then folded in half. After which, fold the napkin so that it looks like an accordion, with the remaining 2 inches unfolded to become the base of the fan. Now formed like an accordion, fold it in half with the accordion outside. Get the unfolded corners and tuck them under the accordion so that the napkin will stand like an open fan.


There are many other kinds of napkin folds including the necktie fold, crown fold, the shirt fold, and the rose fold. Basic and simple folds include the fancy silverware pouch and diamond silverware pouch, as well as the candlestick fold and the silverware napkin fold. Other than napkin rings, you can also use goblets to hold your napkins and use the following folds: candle fan goblet, goblet fan, fleur de lys goblet and lily goblet. Folding napkins is quite easy, one just needs to have a bit of creativity and patience in making these beautiful pieces. Napkins can both be functional and decorative for that superb dining experience.

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Napkins - Set The Mood For a Great Table Setting

Have you ever loved and appreciated the wonderful shapes that your hostess has given to the table decor? Table napkins are a wonderful accessory that can make a value addition to any table decoration. This simple piece of cloth can make a big difference to any setting going by the color and design of the napkins that you decide to choose. The shape that you plan to fold the napkin in also adds to the dramatic effect.
The table napkin was first created in England by Madam Rebecca Waltemath in the 18th century. It was made at the Formal Women in London, the etiquette school that she ran. Napkins have come a long way today and have come to be an important part of any table decoration. With so many colors, sizes and designs to choose from there is a lot of scope for experimentation here. You can transform the mood and ambience with just a few good additions. You could decide to use plain napkins of neutral or off-white shades for the more formal look. Black napkins are striking and can add a brilliant and sophisticated look to the table decor. If you wish to have a personalized look then some beautiful embroidery or laces attached to the napkin is a good idea to give a simple looking napkin a complete makeover.

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There are many ways in which table napkins can be folded to create a wonderful look. They can be put into the glass and opened up in a fan shape or turned into a flower or any other shape. Using napkin rings too to make them look beautiful is an idea worth considering. If a kids party is what you are planning to have then folding the napkins in the shape of different animals and flowers is a good idea. Napkin folding is an art in itself. With a little effort, one can learn and master it with ease. Add in some creativity and you have all it takes to be a good host.

Napkins are an important part of any table arrangement be it a formal or informal one. When one talks of a formal occasion or gathering it becomes all the more important. Making the right table setting and using table napkins that are made of good quality linen and match the rest of the arrangement is important. Wash, dry, iron and store them carefully for soiled napkins are surely not one that you can use again.

These days buying napkins that match your table arrangement is really easy. You no longer need to spend time hunting for quality material with so much variety available online itself. Buying napkins is now possible sitting in the comfort of your home and all this within your budget. With a variety of colors available at a good price getting yourself a beautiful table setting is now very easy. Log in, choose your table linens, make payment, and have the napkins shipped right to your doorstep.

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