Black Tie Event Planning

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Like all other special events, a black tie occasion requires significant planning. And all planning for gatherings are never easy. Regardless of the purpose of this gathering, a black tie event is a grand event that requires black tie event planning, meaning it requires extra diligence and extra effort in planning. Usually, a charity fundraiser is a black tie event. In this regard, early and careful planning should be done to ensure the success of the occasion, including saving space at your event or venue if this is required. Some tips to remember include the following. Prepare a timetable for your things to do, a checklist or a to-do list that you will follow to the letter on a regular basis.

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With a black tie event planning, you should have goals that are realistic and you should make a schedule that is way flexible and ample for your upcoming event. It is also noteworthy to remember that there should be seating arrangements for the guests. To ensure that they are seated in their proper seats, assign an usher that will guide them when they arrive. It is best to make the guests send their response to the invitation at least a month in advance so that proper arrangements for seating and beverages can be made. Send out invitations very early and book all that's needed in advance such as catering services and the venue.

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Normally, the following is what you should do in black tie event planning: Foremost you should give careful consideration to be the budget that you will work with. Someone should help you keep track of the money budgeted for the event and how it is being used. Also be aware of sticking to the budget that you have. Management of finances is important in black tie event planning.

Next, find a good location and when you find one, secure it immediately. Black tie gatherings are usually best held in hotel ballrooms or big spaces that are quite elegant. Plan around the venue that you have, make sure that the place is well decorated and not shabby. Put beautiful centerpieces and make sure that tables and chairs are set-up well. Two months prior to the event, design and send out invitations so your guests can prepare. Likewise, hire someone who can be the master of ceremonies during the event.

Black tie event planning is more than just the venue or food, it is also about the program. There should be organized activities and a host is there to always make sure that everything is on track and people are well informed. It is important to remember that you should employ the services of a professional caterer. Do not prepare the food yourself.

This is an ultra-formal event that requires formal dining, not the time for home style cooking. When all the setup needed is ready, the caterer is prepared and RSVP's have been received, make it a point to visit and check out the place two days before your big event to ensure everything else is in order. Black tie event planning is one of the most difficult and challenging event planning there is, but it is only so because black tie events are the most elegant of all.

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