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Table runners are a great way of adding color, texture and a touch of elegance to your tablescape. The tables are additionally decorated with the help of table runners. The black and white pattern is especially popular with event planners. There is a large variation in table runners, but black table covers with white runners give a very classy look and appeal to every viewer. The table runners are used in contrast to the color of the table cloth. A table cloth having light colors will be enhanced if the table runner of dark shades is used, and you also want to consider the room decor.

White Table Runners

Table runners increase the stylish look of the table and also increase its decoration. Our table runners are available in a large number of styles and some more exotic ones are further decorated by the addition of embroidery and beads. Handmade table runners are expensive but look very beautiful and fascinating. These table runners look very traditional and are mostly used for traditional purposes and thus and are very carefully hand decorated.

Black and White Tablecloths

These days black tablecloths with white runners are the in thing and are widely used to decorate the tables in various kinds of functions. Even, in wedding ceremonies some people prefer black table cloths with white runners. The black tablecloth makes the white runner very prominent and both the colors give a silky and shiny look. Besides this, there are several table runners that are designed according to a specific event such as Halloween witch legs table runner, harvest pumpkin table runner, azure appliquéd table runner, harvest beaded leaf table runner, sunflower patch table runner, harvest wheat table runner, and medallion sunburst table runner.

Some table runners are handmade and are beautifully woven, the color scheme is used according to the event depicted. The table runners are of different sizes and also of different shapes. It is quite easy to make a table runner of any size at home. Normally the handmade table runners are made up of quilt and are beautifully embroidered and sequined. Lovely sceneries and images are embellished on the table runners that enhance their beauty.

Black table cloths with white runners are able to captivate everyone and look quite fabulous, particularly in weddings and parties. Table runners made of velvet gives a royal look and are available in various patterns. There are velvet table runners with hand embroidered bead work that look very stylish as well as traditional. The color combinations carry a wide range, from light to dark and bright shades. The table runner can be used without some Red Tablecloths, or some Purple Tablecloths
In addition the runners give a charming look and are an excellent idea for table decor.

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