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Our tabletop linen collection can make a fantastic setting in the hands of a skilled or imaginative event designer, the tablecloths and napkins create a classic coordinated look where everything fits together formally and beautifully.

Our linens are perfect for banquet and catering businesses. If you are considering buying in bulk and would like to see and feel the quality of our fabric before you buy...simply Click Here For FREE FABRIC SWATCHES and we will ship them to you at no cost.

To make sure your banquet event will be a wonderful success you need to plan everything for the event at least a month ahead of time and sometimes many months depending on the size of the gathering and type of event.

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When hosting a pre-planned party or event you will have time to plan ahead, and events such as a wedding or anniversary banquet MUST be planned many months in advance before the actual date of the event. Generally, the larger the event the more you will want to stretch your budget as far as possible, and buying in bulk from Linen Supply Co is a great idea.

Tablecloths are a crucial part of any banquet table arrangement, weddings normally require larger size tablecloths, the setting of a table begins from the foundation of the tablecloth. The length of the tablecloth, its color, and corner design are all taken into consideration while selecting a tablecloth. We offer round banquet tablecloths in multiple sizes and colors. The most commonly used round banquet table cover colors are white, black, and ivory.
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