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Banquet Tablecloths

Using Round Tablecloths on Square Tables

If your wondering should I use round tablecloths on my square tables, there is no easy answer but tables are an essential part of any event or occasion. Tables have different forms varying in shape such as a square, a rectangle, and the more popular round table. You can buy cheap tablecloths for any standard size table from our online store.

Baby Blue - Beige - Black - Burgundy - Checkered - Chocolate - Eggplant - Forest Green - Fuchsia - Gold - Gray - Hunter Green - Ivory - Lavender - Lemon - Lime - Navy Blue - Orange - Peach - Pink - Purple - Red - Rose - Royal Blue - White - Willow Green
Square tables offer the same amount of distance from every person around the table, providing the same amount of attention for everybody seated as well. Rectangular tables connote a certain hierarchy amongst the people seated around it. The popular rectangular tables were designed to accommodate only one person each for 2 sides and the rest of the people on the other two sides. In ancient times, the host is usually seated at one end and the guest of honor is seated at the other.
Round tables however, offer the most comfortable aesthetic because it has no edges, and has an equal amount of distance from the center to everyone seated around. To maintain a fair and ethical arrangement of guests for a wedding then, it is best to set them around a round table, and have the couple sit at one edge of a rectangular table. Some couples are different however, wanting square tables instead, stemming from a variety of reasons.

A concern has grown however with square tables and how it is constructed when they are used in weddings due to the tablecloth that constricts movement. With the stiff set of clothes, which provide minimal comfort that people wear at weddings, it's just fitting to address the problem of overall comfort when seated in a wedding reception. This applies not only in wedding receptions but also in common households as well.

A square table with a square shaped tablecloth not only gives a certain level of discomfort, but it opens up the possibility of accidents as well. Once a limb of a person locks up an edge of the cloth, it can generate a sliding effect, removing the tablecloth off the table and consequently bringing the things on it along. Imagine if it is paired with people who are already constructed and vulnerable to clumsiness. A clever solution was drawn when many organizers and caterers addressed the problem.

In Using Round Tablecloths on Square Tables, the legs of the people seated around it, can move more freely. This is due to the elliptical shape that drapes downward as it covers the table. The contrasting shapes made Using Round Tablecloths on Square Tables popular due to the quick fix it administered with a long time aesthetical problem.

Using Round Tablecloths on Square Tables definitely helped solve a lot of problems with dining at home and even in a meeting or attending formal events. There should be a better understanding of how shapes relate to each other, given their contrasting nature, you'll never know when opposites attract and fit each other perfectly.
Round Banquet Tablecloths

Banquet tablecloths that offer style and elegance, and long-lasting durability in stain resistant and wrinkle resistant 100% visa polyester fabric, perfect for weddings, parties, formal dinners, and events of every kind.

These banquet tablecloths are a heavy-weight 200-220g/m2, they provide easy table linen care and are the workhorse of the banquet, catering, and hospitality industry in banquet table linens.

Our 5 most popular banquet tablecloth colors are, WHITE, BLACK, IVORY, BURGUNDY, and RED, to see all available table linen colors visit our tablecloths colors page.

Our 5 most popular banquet tablecloth sizes are 120 ROUND, 90 ROUND, 60x126 BANQUET, 90x132 BANQUET, and 85 SQUARE, to see all available table linen sizes please visit our table linen sizes page.

Wholesale banquet tablecloths pricing is available for quantity purchases, please visit the links below for discount banquet table linens pricing.

100% visa polyester.
100% seamless, one piece design.
Folded and stiched hem edges, approx 0.25 inch (one quarter inch).
Stain & wrinkle resistant.
Thick, durable fabric. Ours=200-220g/m2, Theirs=160-180g/m2.
Machine washable and dryer safe.
White Banquet Table Linens Round White Banquet Table Linens Round White Banquet Table Linens Rectangle White Banquet Table Linens Rectangle White Banquet Table Linens Square
120 Round Tablecloth White 90 Round Tablecloth White 60x126 Banquet Tablecloth White 90x132 Banquet Tablecloth White 85 Square Tablecloth White

Black Banquet Table Linens Round Black Banquet Table Linens Round Black Banquet Table Linens Rectangle Black Banquet Table Linens Rectangle Black Banquet Table Linens Square
120 Round Tablecloth Black 90 Round Tablecloth Black 60x126 Banquet Tablecloth Black 90x132 Banquet Tablecloth Black 85 Square Tablecloth Black

Ivory Banquet Table Linens Round Ivory Banquet Table Linens Round Ivory Banquet Table Linens Rectangle Ivory Banquet Table Linens Rectangle Ivory Banquet Table Linens Square
120 Round Tablecloth Ivory 90 Round Tablecloth Ivory 60x126 Banquet Tablecloth Ivory 90x132 Banquet Tablecloth Ivory 85 Square Tablecloth Ivory

Burgundy Restaurant Table Linens Round Burgundy Restaurant Table Linens Round Burgundy Restaurant Table Linens Rectangle Burgundy Restaurant Table Linens Rectangle Burgundy Restaurant Table Linens Square
120 Round Tablecloth Burgundy 90 Round Tablecloth Burgundy 60x102 Banquet Tablecloth Burgundy 60x126 Banquet Tablecloth Burgundy 85 Square Tablecloth Burgundy

Red Restaurant Table Linens Round Red Restaurant Table Linens Round Red Restaurant Table Linens Rectangle Red Restaurant Table Linens Rectangle Red Restaurant Table Linens Square
120 Round Tablecloth Red 90 Round Tablecloth Red 60x126 Banquet Tablecloth Red 90x132 Banquet Tablecloth Red 85 Square Tablecloth Red
Tablecloths: How to make the right choice:

Tablecloths are an important part of any and every table arrangement. In fact, it is the first step where table setting begins. Having a beautiful table cover or cloth that compliments all the other accessories placed on the table is what you need. When it comes to choosing table cloths there are a number of factors that needs to be considered. The size of the table is what would determine the size of the cloth. The length of the cloth, the color and the design would all be very important if you are a host who likes to entertain in style. The backdrop of a picture is extremely important and makes a positive contribution to the final output, similarly the table cloth is what provides the backdrop for a perfect setting. It is thus, important to make the right choice.

The length of the tablecloths that you choose would determine on the size of the table and also how much of the cloth you want to be seen hanging. For dinner or other buffets at restaurants, a table cloth that hangs to the ground is what is advisable. For family dinners at home a cloth that covers your table completely and hangs down a few inches is what is needed. The color of the cloth is another aspect that needs attention. A formal occasion would need colors like ivory, white, black or deep colors like navy blue or chocolate. For weddings and other formal gatherings you could stick to these colors or else have a theme by which you go. The tablecloths and the napkins, maybe even the runners then can be selected to match the theme. You could even match it to the other arrangements. For a more informal gathering, a more bold or funky color would go well. The color would depend greatly on the kind of gathering, the theme for the event and also the people attending it.

Getting tablecloths of your choice a few years back was real hard work and the possible solution to getting what you desired was having it custom made. This however, meant waiting for a long time and also having to pay a huge sum. Gone are the days of waiting and making huge payment. With online shops that provide an instant solution, getting tablecloths that match your décor perfectly is now just a click away. With so many colors to choose from, getting a table cover to match your tastes and preferences is easy now. There are online shops that cater to bulk requirements as well like providing banquet tablecloths, restaurant and wedding table linens. Thus, even if your requirement is rather large getting what you need is now quick and simple. The pictures provided on the websites provide a good idea about the product. It is now possible to have the tablecloths of your choice delivered right to your doorstep, irrespective of which part of the globe you belong to. Dress up your table in style with covers that spell class and style.

Christmas Dinners For Big Businesses

Every year, big businesses celebrate the holiday season with their employees by having Christmas dinners. To plan such a festive event does take a lot of time and effort, but even the best Christmas dinners can be planned in less than a month if a person goes about it the right way. To help plan the big Christmas events, people who are in charge only need to do a few things to make sure that the Christmas dinners are a huge success.

Decorating For A Christmas Event

Most big businesses put a lot of thought into their Christmas decorating, and have all parts of their building full of things like wreathes, lights, and trees. Most big companies have a private room for special events, and that room too should be decorated for Christmas already. People who are planning the party do not really have to do much since the whole building is already prepared for the holiday season.

Food For Christmas Dinner

When it comes to Christmas dinners, traditionally the food has been either ham or turkey. Serving ham and turkey is traditional, and during the holiday time, those two meats are often offered at a discounted price. Another benefit of serving turkey and ham is the fact that they can feed a lot of people. To make Christmas dinner complete, the fixings that can go along with the turkey and ham can be stuff like potatoes, casserole made from green beans, yams, and rolls. The dessert that is usually served during Christmas dinner is pies like pecan, pumpkin, apple, and cherry.

Christmas dinners are big events for most major corporations, and they usually have people plan the big Christmas party so everyone can celebrate the season. For the people that have to plan the party, it does not have to be a big deal because the decorations are already in place, and traditional food works best because it is inexpensive and can serve a lot of people.

Decorating The Table

When you welcome visitors to share a meal with you, establishing an attractive table is as crucial as serving great meals. Your table environment is the first point that your visitors will certainly see and can really affect their cravings. This is why you should select your tablecloths setting thoroughly, based upon whether the dinner is to be sophisticated or casual.

Themed dinners such as those offered at holiday time, could be particularly enjoyable to embellish for. There is a bunch of dinnerware and utensils that have a Christmas theme, and you could even band miniature Christmas plant ornaments with each other to make eye-catching compliments to your table.

Just how you serve the meals is additionally essential. You need to have pitchers of water at each end of the table and serve the appetizers initially. Once they have been consumed, clear the table to include the main courses.
Discount Tablecloths for Holiday Dining Room Setting

It is a fun way to anticipate the Christmas through decorating your home and dining area. During this holiday, reunions are everywhere. People will come knocking at your door either scheduled or unexpectedly to give you gifts and send you greetings. It is therefore important to make your house feel the spirit of Christmas and the coming New Year's Eve.

Most of the time, families celebrate their holidays through spending time with their relatives who live in distant areas. But if your house will host the holiday reunion for your family, you should be able to buy all home decors such as fitted table covers, table linens and seat covers. You could also rent tables and chairs to accommodate a large number of your family.

Perhaps, you might be thinking that you'd rather use your money in preparing your food that everyone will be celebrating. However, you can make a room for other expenses if only you know how to buy affordable home decors for your house. There are discount tablecloths that you can take advantage this holiday. Most of the time, retailers offer promos such as discounted prices on various home decors. If you're afraid that this will give you more expenses, you can benefit largely from available wholesale table linens, covers and other decors for your home. All it takes is for you to search and find these discounted prices and wholesale offers in order to decorate your house too for this coming holiday.

Don't fret on the expenses that you will encounter since there are promos available this holiday. You can search first online. You can also inquire in your favorite local supermarket if they have home decors offered at affordable prices. The fun never stops for holiday. You can find therapy in designing your home into a welcoming one and also in preparation to the special people in your life that are going to be present to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve with you. Why not make this holiday truly memorable and enchanting through decorations in every part of your home.

To help you decorate your dining room this holiday, follow these tips:

1. There are many holiday decoration sites online where you can get knowledge and ideas on how you can decorate your dining room.

2. There are also ways on how to decorate or present your food to your guests. Find table covers and linens that accentuate the spirit of the holiday and use it for this occasion.

3. There are DIY or do-it-yourself tutorials that you can find in different websites. You can get one from Pinterest and YouTube. These are mostly quick and easy to do. More so, this gives you more time to hone your creativity and use your artistry for this holiday.

4. If you want to focus on your dining table, look for wholesale table linens, discount tablecloths and fitted table covers that have color prints. You can buy these home decors in your local supermarket or online.

With this and more, your family will surely credit your time and energy to making this holiday more special.
Enjoy Home Decorating for Holidays with Table Linens Wholesale

Table linens wholesale are offered mostly during holidays. Definitely, Christmas is a time where people usually take a break to unite with their loved ones and enjoy the spirit of sharing. Most likely, you already have plans on the upcoming holiday. Do you now have linen tablecloths for your dining table? If you don't have, buy one now. There are wholesale offers and discount promos that you can take advantage this holiday season. You can get savings rather than expenses. After all, you don't do this monthly.

You do this yearly and this is the best time to decorate your house. However, be sure to know the different tablecloth sizes so you can buy the perfect fit for your dining tables. You want to be careful in spending your money. That's why make sure that it is the correct size for your dining table or any other table used in your home.

Aside from these things, there are also other home decors that can enhance the look and feel of your home this coming Christmas. The following are:

Sparkling pinecones

Scatter few, little pinecones in the areas of your home. Put some in your living room table and dining table. You can go with the natural color, brown, or something unique like white or silver.

Christmas songs or playlists

Definitely, the mood will shift to Christmas and lovely feels with a playlists of the most heartwarming songs about Christmas. You can go from all genres of music as long as it makes you all happy and a bit teary eyed for this wonderful occasion. Christmas songs in the background melt angry hearts. Maybe you will see relatives or loved ones uniting from their recent fight.

Special plates, bowls and other dinnerware

Definitely, this is the time to use those special plates, bowls and other dinnerware. Don't just display them. Use them to make this holiday event and reunion more meaningful to everyone. It will just transport your dining table to something magical.

Napkin rings

How about try napkin rings instead of just folding them in the plates. Make it look special and dearly to make the person holding it happy and merry before eating your feast.

Poinsettia centerpiece

Use poinsettia as a center of attraction. This particular piece is not something that people see often. Having one in your dining table makes Christmas official.

Garland wreaths

Your holiday home décor is not complete without garland wreaths. Hang those near each other by the wall or window.

Holiday greenery with ornament balls and strands of jewelry

Spread the holiday greenery inside your home. Make the corners of your room accented with these ornament balls and strands of jewelry.

White Christmas for the snowy feel

Whether it's snowing or not, why not enjoy white Christmas inside your home. Let your kids feel what it's like to have snow this Christmas.

Red and green candles

Everyone needs a bit of drama and this holiday calls for red and green candles inside your house to nurture that warmth oozing out from one another.
Christmas Bow
Merrier Christmas with Colorful Round Tablecloths

Christmas is just around the corner, do you have it inside your house? Start decorating your house, especially your dining table. This is where the feast will be celebrated as you and your loved ones welcome Christmas. If you plan of buying holiday decors for your dining, consider the following things:

1. Size

If you're dining table is round, you have to look for round tablecloths. If you have other tables at home, know what size it is so you can choose the tablecloths or linens that will fit it. The worse thing that you want is buying tablecloths and other covers that you cannot use. You'll end up storing it for another holiday or sending them away. In short, you just wasted time, energy and money. Always measure the tables in your house before going to a supermarket or going online to buy tablecloths, linens and other covers.

2. Material

Do you like a silky tablecloth? Do you prefer cotton as the material? You can choose from many materials or fabrics that you want for your dining holiday décor. Most of the time, this will determine if you want something affordable or expensive. But good thing you can save money through buying items in bulk such as cloth napkins bulk. In this way, you can get rid of paying too much over something that you can buy in wholesale. You can pay in one time for a specific number of home décor.

3. Holiday Theme

Do you have a particular them for this holiday? Are you going for both decors celebrating Christmas and New Year? Then, this will be your basis in coming up with a theme such as white or gold Christmas. This theme will be your main idea on how you want your home to look like.

Most homeowners miss the part of using or coming up with a theme in decorating their houses. This is important in your home décor project this holiday. This will give your house a united feel wherein all aspects of your house share the same vision of how you and your loved ones want to experience Christmas and New Year.

4. Budget

Bulk tablecloths, linens and other covers are more affordable if you need one. You can take advantage of these kinds of promos available this holiday in order to save more out of your budget and don't exceed it. You can use the rest of your money in preparing the feast.

5. Prepare The Menu

What will you have for your loved ones? If you're short in budget, find ways in order to provide enough food for them. This is the thrill of holidays and putting up a celebration, you challenge yourself to produce something they will appreciate even if you're tight in budget.

Come Up With Christmas Activities

Since you and your loved ones don't see often, take this time to bond through coming up with activities that both adults and kids can enjoy. Lastly, don't forget to be united in prayer as you and your family say thanks and praise for everything that has happened and will happen to your lives.
Banquet Table Setting
Top Tips For Planning A Christmas Party

Christmas parties are celebrated with full excitement and people love to enjoy these parties in exciting venues. They start booking hotels and yards few months before the Christmas comes. Parties should be celebrated with excitement so you can make these events, lifetime memories. One option to get what you are planning is to book early. This early booking comes up with several discounts offered by event planners of Christmas parties. You will enjoy the offers and also you will get the cheap hotels with number of cheap accessory options in their deals. You don't have to research for cheap table linens, Christmas accessories, trees and much more. Everything will be arranged by the event planners if you are taking their service.

When you book a venue for a Christmas party, you need to ask about special discounts and packages. When you book before December, there are certain benefits which are provided by the venue holders. They give special discount for all the facilities and packages. They also offer different type of packages for arranging each party. Parties can be arranged in different styles and options and you need to choose which style will be best for your party. Whether you want to celebrate a party with your friends or you want to celebrate as grand get-together, all options are available. Benefit of choosing a package is to save a lot of money when compared with booking without a package. Exclusive discount is also offered on the booking of residences and hotels in all the places. A luxury apartment to simple hotel booking saves some dollars if you book in advance.

Consider all the requirements, which your guest will need in a party. Arrange special dining options for guests and also offer them suitable decorations. You can ask venue providers to decorate tables and halls and use colorful wholesale tablecloths for decorating the dining tables. Other ornaments can also be used on the tables to amuse your guests. Few people want simple arrangements and they do not want to add other accessories, but venue manager offers packages for these decorations too. You can choose what type of decorations you look for your guests and book them.

Check for all the special offers whether the particular venue is providing these offers. You may need special arrangements for your charismas party that are not offered by the venue providers, then do not book your party at this place. Choose another place which is offering all the requirements at reasonable rates. You will make your party memorable at these thrilling venues.

For arranging a Christmas party at home, you should consider different requirements. Buy all necessary accessories of decoration and food from cheap shops. Get cheap tablecloths, fruits, glasses, baskets, led lights, Christmas trees and similar items according to the requirements of your home. Buy only limited accessories that fit into your home size and location. No need to get extra accessories that make your home crowded. After completing decorations and cooking needs, you can call your guests for celebrating a party.

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